Why We Need to Go Out in Nature

October 19, 2016


I’m an indoorsman.
I admit it.

Amazon can drop off groceries and packages at my doorstep.
Get grubhub to send me some restaurant food.
I got the internet, a laptop, and a phone.
Do all my work using a wifi signal.
I’m all set indoors.

But the more I stay inside, the more disconnected I feel.

That includes staying in my house, working in the office, driving in cars, sleeping in hotels, or even hanging at other people’s homes.

The only way I realized this was an issue was after going to the forest preserves and spending some time there. This made me realize that indoors severely lacked what outdoors provided.

What is that thing?
I had to know.

Have you ever seen fish tanks in people’s homes?
Not the fancy ones, but the simple tanks. With plastic rocks, plastic pirate ships, plastic plants, artificial light, and a bunch of tap water. Some sad looking fish pacing back and forth, hoping for the good lord to put em out of their misery.

In contrast, have you seen clips of the coral reef?
That’s what Finding Nemo and Dory were based on.
Life is teeming and thriving there.

Humans are living like the fish in those crappy artificial tanks.
We have all the amenities & luxuries man can make, surrounded by plastic and metal, but we lack the special je ne sais quoi that only nature can provide.

Nature provides grounding, they say.
So I bought an artificial grounding mat, one of those things that hook up to the electrical outlet, but it’s not the same.

Nature has negative ions they say.
I got one of those high power negative ion generators, not the same. And the artificial ions have a weird plastic-like smell.

Nature is bright and sunny, sure.
I use full spectrum bulbs (5 of em at a time) and use three 10,000 lux lightboxes at a time. Not the same as the Sun.

Nature’s got the heat.
I got a far infrared sauna, but it’s still not the same.

Nature gives us vitamin d.
I take VitD capsules, but it’s not the same.

I even got tons of houseplants, for oxygen and air purification, but that doesn’t cut it either.

I think the answer is that nature is perfect & harmonious.

Meaning, things are already working out there in nature.
Plants & trees grow. It rains. It snows. Sun comes out. Birds and the bees flutter about, doing their thing. Squirrels are hopping around looking for whatever it is that they’ve lost. Butterflies waft about. There’s enough food for all. Things are working (until humans start meddling).

When we humans build our homes, we don’t do it naturally. We do it more for aesthetics & usefulness. We don’t do it for natural harmony. As we get walled in with technology & artificiality, we are getting sick from lack of nature. Indoor sickness.

We need to hang out in nature to soak in that perfect harmony.

Trust me, I wish it weren’t so, because I’d love to never leave indoor spaces ever again. I love everything coming to me at the click of a button. But just like we gotta floss to keep gums healthy, we need to hit up nature to keep our spirits healthy. That’s just the way it is.

So, this indoorsman will have to make some mandatory visits to the outdoors.

Thankfully, there were wise folks back in the day like Theodore Roosevelt (known as the conservationist president) with the foresight to preserve pieces of nature for the rest of us.

Theodore Roosevelt and Conservation
Walden – Henry David Thoreau
Nature – Ralph Waldo Emerson
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