Tracy Morgan on his Coma, Near Death Experience, & Spirituality

October 17, 2016

I got a lot out of these two interviews.
Tracy talks about how he almost died when a Wal-Mart truck struck his tour bus. One of his friends ended up passing away, while a couple others were hurt.

These are the main takeaways:
1. He was in a coma for 10 days and the doctors gave him a 2% chance of living. And even if he did live, it may have been in a vegetative state or in a wheelchair. Now, proving the slim odds wrong, he’s walking around and performing again. Message: spirituality & god > human predictions.

2. Doctors wanted to puncture a hole in his throat so that he could breathe, but his wife said no, believing deep down that Tracy would revive. And he did a couple days later, breathing on his own. She knew he didn’t want any holes on his neck. Message: deep connection with wife & faith >

3. Normally his wife and daughter always toured with him.
This time, his daughter had a tooth ache or something, so he convinced them to stay behind. That likely saved their lives. He admits that had they died in the wreck, and he survived, the next piece of news we’d hear is that Tracy jumped off a bridge. He can’t/won’t live without them.

4. While in the coma, and heavily medicated, he got to see his dead father one more time, which had been his wish. He also saw famous dead comedians including Richard Pryor, and they told him it wasn’t his time yet. So he came back. He admits all of that could have been a hallucination while sedated, but he doesn’t care. The message is that he got to say hi to his father again, and it wasn’t his time to leave yet. So he’s back doing what he’s supposed to do, make people laugh and feel good.

5. He’s a changed man, more thankful for every moment we normally take for granted. He’s been to therapy to heal his mental wounds, and is even more of a believer in the power of God than before. If it’s your time to leave, you have no choice. If it’s not your time, that means you still got work to do here.

6. Love is everything.

7. God is everything.