Even Mother Teresa Had Critics

September 30, 2016

Sometimes I feel like the most naive person in the world.
I had no idea people criticized Mother Teresa!

The other day, I heard some folks say that Mother Teresa should not be a saint. That she has done too many bad things to Indians. That she was trying to convert Hindus into Christianity, that was her true goal. That helping the poor & downtrodden was just a cover for her larger mission of conversion.

Then I googled her.
There I found a slew of atheists taking shots at her. That she was a terrible person. Mother Teresa should’ve emphasized women empowerment and education. That she secretly baptized poor and sick folks against their will. That she believed suffering is good and even promoted it. That she promoted prayer when medicine would have done the job better.

I had NO idea this was a thing.

All this time, I thought she was just a poor humble nun who went to poor parts of India to ease the suffering of other human beings.

In reality, maybe she was secretly a rich multimillionaire socialite, yet pretended to be poor. Maybe she promoted poverty & suffering to the poor so that she could hoard more money for herself and her future kin. She was like a CIA insurgent, sent by The Church, to do evil things.

It seems the real criticism is that Mother Teresa wasn’t perfect. That she was ignorant and too religious to really help the folks who suffered.

That may be true.
But I don’t see any of the critics going out to the slums to do any better. Put your money where your mouth is, and spend the rest of your life taking care of the poor, in a better way. Like Bill & Melinda Gates. Then I’ll hear your side of the story. Until then, shut the f up and enjoy your privileged life, like I do every day.