Ultimate Seasonal Affective Disorder Cheat Sheet

September 28, 2016

“And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.”
– Matthew 7:25

Winter is coming.

Did you feel it yet?
I did about a week or two ago. The feeling of darkness approaching. The approach of shorter days. Gloominess.

More irritable than normal. Hands having a hard time holding onto things, attention is lower than normal. Knocking things over. Vision not as clear.

Winter is coming.

Are you ready?
If you’re 1 out of the 4 folks who suffer from seasonal affective disorder, you know exactly what I’m talkin about.

For many years, my house was founded on sand. Worse, it was built out of straw. Winter came, huffed and puffed, and knocked everything over. And I had to start over in the Spring.

The great thing about human beings is that we’re resilient.
If you survive a hardship, it will make you stronger for the better.

This Winter, I’m not nervous at all. I’m battle ready.

And I want to share my exact cheatsheet, which I have saved on my computer & phone, put together over YEARS of trial and error, so that you can ease your suffering.

(I’ll spare you the science, stats, and other fillers, because it’ll take up too much space.)

The Ultimate S.A.D. Cheatsheet

Clues: A dark, cold, irritable, lethargy, angry type feeling. Don’t feel like socializing, don’t feel like going out, negative feelings. This is not how I am normally, so this is an emotional marker that the storm is coming. This is a real thing, be prepared. Don’t be fooled by Summer and the great feels. Don’t get caught off guard. I’m sensitive and will feel the seasons change. Affects 20% of people, some worse than others. I have it bad, so reread all the notes and get the weapons ready at first sight of change. It’ll be much harder to gather the tools once in the midst of war.

Use 3 lightboxes at once. Total of 30,000 lux. For as long as it takes to get that uplifting, warm feeling inside the brain.
Keep using 5 full spectrum bulbs on the tree lamp, keep it on longer into the evening with the timer.

5HTP for dark brain feeling
Tyrosine as needed for energy
B Complex
Vitamin D 6,000-10,000
Fish Oil 11-15G
Vitamin C, saturate body as needed
Turmeric with black pepper
Protein, plenty of it
Water salted 134oz or more
Eat every 2-4 hours, blood sugar maintain, no slacking
Gut health: collagen, glutamine, bone broth as needed

Fir sauna, more regularly
Detox salt baths
Hot drinks: coffee, tea
Yang foods: meats, soups, broth, fat
Fireplace videos, wear warm reddish colors

Need fresh air also, open windows periodically, go out in nature, negative ions

cold showers also, to shock system, helps bathe brain, helps immune system

Eft, even if for multiple hours
Daily Energy Routine via Donna Eden
Jin Shin Jyutsu
Chakras & Meridians
Crystals & Gemstones for upliftment
Affirmations: Best Winter Ever
Morning pages, using Vimala Alphabet, express feelings
Reframe negative thoughts, Byron Katie
Practice nonresisance, nonattachment, nonjudgement, Eckhart Tolle
Bach flower remedies as needed
Essential oils for upliftment

Chakra tuneup music
Solfeggio healing music
Chant music
Subliminal hypnosis audio

be gentle with myself
Care, love & empathy
Count my blessings
Bhagavad Gita
Tao Te Ching
Joel Osteen
TD Jakes
Abe Hicks
Cast burden on the Christ within & I go free
Ask God & Angels for support, they’re always there
Remember I have spirit guides who love to help
I don’t have to do it all myself
“This too shall pass”
Watch funny, uplifting stuff
Stay away from negative people, places, shows, things

Look to nature for great examples on how to handle Winter.
Plants & trees can’t move, so they shed their leaves & hybernate
Bears load up on food & hibernate
Birds, mobile, fly down South for better weather
Since I’m not mobile now, I can be like the plants and trees. Once I’m mobile, I can emulate the birds. I can find ways to thrive anywhere, any season.

Remember I can always go see a therapist or even try meds if it gets unbearable. It’s ok to take medicine. Remember, “God works thru medicine and doctors also.”