Coach Urban Meyer’s Mental Health Methods

September 23, 2016

It’s important to allow good ideas to come to us in as many ways as possible. Since I’m mainly an indoorsman these days, and super happy being one, I’ve devised ways for mental irrigation.

I sub to multiple podcasts, youtube channels, email newsletters, regularly check amazon recommended lists, read as many books as humanly possible, read annual corporate reports by folks like Buffett & Bezos, and keep tabs on taste-maker blogs.

I’m not bragging, because I was not always like this, just explaining my methods.

I remember reading about the Golden Age of Islam and the Middle East.
From the 8th century to the 13th, the middle east was where all the mental thuggs lived. They invited experts from all fields and allowed good mental irrigation. There was even a House of Wisdom in Baghdad, where Jewish, Christian, Hindu and other folks were welcome to study and share ideas.

The House of Wisdom at that time had the largest selection of books available in the world! Science, economics, poetry, medicine, geography, and art thrived, until the city was eventually sacked by the Mongols.

Coach Urban Meyer
I got a link to an article on Urban Meyer thru Ryan Holiday’s email newsletter where he shares his favorite books & articles.

I had no idea what the article was about until I read it all the way through. It’s a long ass read, so you may not feel like reading it. The only reason I pushed through was because it was about a successful coach and I like these types of stories.

Only after I finished did I realize how good the article and the topic is. So I want to do a sales job and let you know why you should read this.

The article is about a super successful college football coach.
It’s about a driven no-nonsense type guy who pushes himself to succeed, and even after winning, he feels unsatisfied. Just imagine what he feels after losing! Devastated. Obsessed. Brooding.

He is married to a supportive wife, who happens to be a mental health psych nurse, yet he never listened to her warning bells.

She told him that he’s pushing himself too far, he didn’t listen. She said he needs to figure out ways to work on his mental game, to not let the stress build up, to not obsess, he didn’t listen. She begged him to work out even for 30 minutes, but he said he didn’t have the time to spare. He thought mental health was for weak people, that tough men should just push through.

He found himself losing 40 pounds from all the stress, taking 2 ambien at night followed by beer, just to sleep. This kept on until one night he woke up in terror, he thought he was dying. They called 911 and went to the hospital.

Oprah says that life whispers to us all the time. If we don’t listen, life will eventually smack us with a frying pan, to make us pay attention.

This was Urban Meyer’s cast-iron frying pan.

Since then he has completely turned his life around.
He is more balanced.

He works on his mental health every single day. He wakes up and receives a spiritual text from one of his friends. Then he reads his Bible. He checks in with his wife multiple times a day, and she can see if he is on track or off course. He spends time alone to reconnect with his spirit and creator.

He has a mental coach come in to teach him and his players techniques. He knows that the only thing we can control is how we react to a situation. He knows we all have a choice how to react to good and bad events. It’s a learnable skill. He never looks back, he doesn’t allow his brain to brood, he knows that’s dangerous.

He eats regularly even if he doesn’t feel hungry. Mind and Body are one thing. Body issues pop up as mind problems and vice versa. He now takes care of both. He squeezes in a workout no matter how busy.

He spends more time with his wife and kids. He’s more playful and fun again. He leaves work at work and is more present at home. He’s a changed guy.

I can completely relate to Urban.
I’ve been smacked in the head by that frying pan too, multiple times!
That’s why I recognize how amazing this article is.

The lessons included are universal, every single person has a mind. And that mind needs regular maintenance, just like your car and body.

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