Count Your Blessings

August 29, 2016

I’m not saying anything new here.
Count your blessings, they say.
Thank your friends, thank your enemies.
Thank your health, thank your illness.
Be thankful during good & bad times.

The religious folks point to the five loaves and two fish, which fed 5000 because it had been blessed and thanked for.

HeartMath folks, researching the power of our heart, say that gratitude is the highest emotion we can evoke. Heart starts beating with strong coherence when we are thankful, affecting our whole body positively.

Abraham Hicks tells us to keep a journal of positive aspects, the more we appreciate, the more we are aligned with our wishes & desires. Another way to say count your blessings.

There is even a new book coming out, by Pam Grout, called Thank and Grow Rich.

Knowing all this, I had never tried counting my blessings!

First I bought the Louise Hay app that has morning & evening gratitude meditations, trying to outsource my blesswork.

Then I half assed writing down gratitude lists at some point in the day, like one who half asses their finances by saving only what’s left after spending.

It took listening to hours and hours of Steve Harvey audio, him telling his personal story of struggle and success, being powered by faith and gratitude that finally led to his positive surge, for me to be convinced to follow this path.

He wakes up and immediately reads a list of 80 or so things he’s thankful for on his phone notes app. He goes to sleep doing the same.

As a big time copycat, I immediately started doing this. It’s been a couple weeks and life has been amazingly better. All it takes is a few minutes of reading the list while lying in bed, writing down new ones as they pop up, and the positive momentum builds from there. I do this before checking my emails, texts, or checking random website stats.

The most crucial thing is to do this first thing in the morning.
Set the mind towards blessings right as it wakes from slumber. Then the rest of the day, it will get to work finding other blessings.

The mind is like a scent hound. Tell it to sniff the good stuff right away or it will automatically go towards the stink, like dirty underwear, dog’s butts, and faux news.