Beautiful Socialite

August 29, 2016

I saw something the other day that I can’t stop thinking about.
A clip from a talk show where a young woman was the guest.

I’m not sure how old she is, maybe 18, maybe 21, but she’s of age, if that’s what you’re wondering. Unbelievably beautiful. Slender, fair skinned, long shiny hair, long shapely legs, small but proportional curves up top. Genetic lottery winner for sure.

Beautifully dressed.
Low cut dress, showcasing most of her bare upper chest.
Thin silk-like clothing covering her two curves. The male host does a great job at keeping eye contact but to the viewers at home, nothing is left to the imagination. You can see what’s happening beneath very clearly. I’m no sucker, I enjoyed the view, and I suspect that’s the whole point of wearing that dress. Attention.

Confident too.
Not a nervous bone in her as she’s interviewed in front of millions. She’s used to this fame. See, her family is full of beautiful & rich women. That’s her lineage. She’s officially a model now, but I think the proper term is socialite. Modern day royalty.

She mentioned that she recently moved to a new home of her own (read: megamansion), which is coincidentally located right across from the tv host. Amazing! These homes must be worth multiple millions, and this neighborhood must be highly coveted among the rich and famous. She didn’t have to shoot any free throws in clutch game 7’s to get this locale. She didn’t have to sit in her house, reading all day scouring through financial statements, ala Warren Buffett, to be rich & famous like this. Just good looks and good fortune of being born into that family.

It must be the greatest thing in the world to be a rich beautiful white woman living in America! I thought for a moment.

Her anecdote was that she’s a clean freak. So much so that when her maids come over (she kinda stumbled a bit here, I think realizing it sounds improper to speak of maids on public tv), she joins them.

I have zero animosity or jealousy towards this celebrity. I watched in awe like I watch Lebron James dunking. I can’t relate whatsoever but it’s fun to watch.

I forget sometimes that there are humans experiencing vastly different lifestyles in this world. Rich vs poor. Dark skinned vs light skinned. Fat vs skinny. Good family vs broken ones. Beautiful vs not, depending on current public opinion. A lot of it owning to nothing but blind genetic luck.