Identifying The Thing You Need Most

August 21, 2016

Joseph Campbell said it best.
“Follow your bliss.”

It’s easy to know the thing you need most, at this moment.
The hard part, though, is knowing that the thing you need most exists.

Let me make that clear with a few examples.

Back around 2005, I bought the three dvd set of Back to The Future. I then proceeded to watch those movies, every night, for weeks on end! I never tired of it, like one never tires of cold water in the Saharan desert. Something in that movie was giving me hope that transformation is possible, no matter how crappy your beginnings.

When I discovered that fish oil exists, I proceeded to buy some capsules. Nothing happened. After a year of this, I found that they make liquid fish oil, making it easier to take larger doses. The same amount of liquid fish oil contained in a tablespoon would need you to swallow 10 or more capsules!

Once I started taking liquid fish oil, I felt risen from the dead. My brain, body, mood, felt amazing. This lasted for a long while, until that feeling faded. I took this to mean that my body was feeling saturated and no longer needed the high doses.

The same goes for supergreens powder and one of my friends. When he discovered this existed, and took some, he felt like rocket thrusters had been placed on his body. I’ve taken green powders and still do, but I never felt this good. I take this to mean that his body was severely deficient in whatever the greens provided him, and I didn’t have that much of a need.

Sometimes I’ll listen to the same Jerry Seinfeld Howard Stern interview over and over. The same Louis CK interview over and over. The same Kevin Hart interview over and over. I don’t do this by force, but it’s kind of like filling up my gas tank. I keep going until I feel full. Othertimes I’ll listen to TD Jakes video sermons all night, until I no longer feel like doing that. When I’m full, I move onto other things.

Whenever I overcome Resistance and write or podcast, I feel great.
It never fails.
I assume that’s how athletes feel on the court. How actors feel on the stage. How musicians feel while performing.

It will be very easy to know the thing you need.
You need the thing you’re drawn to and makes you feel best.
A feeling of bliss.

(Donuts, liquor, & cocaine don’t qualify, because they inevitably make you feel like crap after the high is over.)