[audio] #92 JUST.KEEP.SWIMMING! (& My New Book)

August 16, 2016

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I know your hands are tired.
Just keep swimming.

The ocean is on fire.
Just keep swimming.

Family & friends drowning all around.
Just keep swimming.

You’ll fall off the edge, they say.
Just keep swimming.

That’s the message I have for you today.
You must keep swimming.

Oh yea, and I also finally overcame resistance to write my first book, published as an e-book on Amazon. I know you will enjoy it, for sure.

It’s called:
The Short Book of Depression Cures: How to Get Out of Bed When You Can’t Move.
You can check out the Introduction & part of Chapter 1 for free, in the product description. If you don’t own a kindle, there are free kindle apps for pc, mac, iphone, android, and tablets.

I’ve been there. I’ve done that.
And I’m here to light your candle, so that you can keep going. And then you will light others. Just like many showed mercy & lit my candle.

Now, buy 100,000,000 copies already so that I can stop being all spiritual & get back to hookers, drugs, & debauchery!