I finally wrote that ebook on Depression Cures

August 13, 2016

The Short Book of Depression Cures
Now available on Amazon!

August 12, 2016

I promised you a few years back that one day I will write a book for you. And I know you’ll be happy to hear that I’ve finally done it!

Many folks have commented on my blog & emailed me privately, saying they’re depressed and losing all hope.

I can relate.
I’ve been there, down in that cold dark sewer too.
Over the years, I’ve collected tools & tricks to help me get out.

As I heard one Buddhist monk say, if you know something that could help another sentient being, it would be a sin not to share your knowledge, no matter how nervous or scared you feel to do so. Whether that’s public speaking or writing a book.

So, I have overcome my timidity for a moment to write & publish an e-book on Depression Cures.

I wrote it over a period of two days, barely sleeping or eating. The ideas in the book have been on my mind for many years, so it easily flowed out once I had overcome my resistance.

The ebook published on Amazon last nite. Then I spent the whole day today frantically correcting all the errors I could find, having a couple of friends also look it over.

I’m just a regular guy and I don’t have a big publishing company backing me. Lucky for people like us, Amazon allows us to self-publish easily.

Take a look at the book on Amazon, you can read the Introduction & part of Chapter 1 for free in the product description.

If you don’t own a Kindle, never fear. There are free Kindle reader apps for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, & all Tablets.

Oh yea, the book is called…
The Short Book of Depression Cures: How to Get Out of Bed When You Can’t Move