(praise zeus) We can vote by mail

August 7, 2016

I had totally forgotten that there are other ways to vote.
And I want to share that discovery with you in case you’re feeling like I am this year.

To be honest, I was thinking of not voting at all. I don’t know if it’s apathy, laziness, or my indifference to politics these days.

If you talked to me in 2004, a much younger me would be yelling and arguing about the need to vote. In 2008, I was convincing family and friends of the importance of choosing wisely. By 2012, the fires had cooled down to a simmer.

And in 2016, well now it feels like flossing.
Or jury duty.
I gotta do this thing, again?? I imagine it’s a similar feeling John McClane gets when called out of retirement for one more crisis.

What a hassle it is to vote normally.
To wake up, shower, get dressed, skip work, drive to a place, stand in line, try not to get annoyed by other people, figure out how to use a weird machine, hoping you did that ok, get back in the car, drive back, all on a Tuesday. Especially in a state that’s not going to swing the vote.

We can vote by mail.
All states offer absentee ballots, aka vote by mail.

27 out of 50 states (+ DC) allow you to mail your vote, without needing an excuse.

20 states allow mail vote, as long you have an excuse. Why you need an excuse, I have no idea, but places like New York require one.

3 states will automatically mail you a ballot, whether you ask for one or not. Washington, Oregon, & Colorado.

For my Cook County Illinois peeps, you can download an absentee ballot online as early as August 10th (3 days from now).

Since voting this way is so effortless, I have changed my opinion on the whole process. It’s super easy, comfortable, and stress-free to vote!

Absentee Voting by State
Cook County Illinois Absentee Ballot