Jonathan Goldman: 7 Minute Chakra Balancing Audio

July 26, 2016

This may be old hat if you’re into this world.
But I wanted to publish it for posterity.

You already know about chakras.
You know that there are things we can do to help their maintenance.
To let em spin smoothly. Compare it to a daily shower.

One of the tools for chakra maintenance, a very effective one, is to use sound.

Jonathan Goldman is a leader in the sound healing movement. Has written books on this topic and released many musical albums.

The above video combines audio & visual symbols to get our chakras humming smoothly. You can feel it while listening.

Optional bonus:
If you want to get more out of this, you can hum along to the vowels associated with each chakra, which he reveals in the video.

The 7 Minute Chakra Tune Up – mp3 version via his site, email signup