Sexual Astrology (& Megan Fox)

July 17, 2016

The Main Thing
Ok, this is mainly for all the astrology heads out there.
I found some Megan Fox clips where she talks about natal charts, chakras, palm reading, etc. Pretty cool! She’s into this world.

That led me to find a great article on sexual astrology.
Analysis for Venus & Mars of your partner. Venus is the planet representing your love & harmony. Mars for physical vitality, sexuality. This article was a game changer for me when analyzing charts.

You’ll know exactly what turns your partner on, whether that’s straight up sex with no frills, talking dirty, no talking, using all the senses, requires equal balance, leans toward dominance, etc.

Optional Read on Astrology
Before that, I always feel like I should give a quick overview for anyone not into astrology yet. Because way too many people dismiss it way too quickly without understanding how cool it is.

Just think of astrology as Myer’s Briggs times a million. Carl Jung, whose ideas were eventually distilled into MBTI, was into astrology. It’s the same thing as the five love languages, but a billion more. Forget women are from venus, men are from mars. And chuck every other personality test out there and get into this world. You’ll never look back.

Astrology is essentially a psychological and spiritual tool, for those of us who are into analyzing people.

The only reason astrology works is if we are to believe we live in a virtual reality world. That we are all actors in a play. All of this is an illusion. Hey, even Elon Musk has publicly acknowledged that the odds of us being in a virtual reality are guaranteed.

I don’t think the planets affect us with their gravity or any kind of special powers. They don’t control us. That would not make any sense. If we were to blow up Mercury, that doesn’t mean we no longer have any mental skills.

Instead, it’s a reflective analysis.
As above, so below. What happens outside reflects what happens inside. That’s the theory this falls under.

In a virtual reality, there are clues to reverse engineer knowledge. For some reason, that’s how the game was designed. Some people figure out things by looking at planetary alignment, others via palm reading, face reading, tea leaves, iching, numerology, meditation, intuition, psychedelics, watching animals, or whatever.

That’s my best understanding so far.

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