Empaths are like baking soda

July 14, 2016

Baking Bread
Over the weekend, I bought a break maker.
An Oster 2 pound Expressbake for $60.
The highest ranked one on amazon.

I wanted to make gluten free bread at home.
Got sick of going to the grocery store to buy loaves.
And especially got sick of all the body aches, diarrhea, brain issues if I snuck in some wheat bread because we didn’t have any gluten free in the house.

Baking your own bread requires about 8 ingredients, all of which we had. GF flour, yeast, salt, honey, eggs, oil, water, and baking soda.

The only box of baking soda we had left in the house was the one that we keep open in the fridge, to absorb all the smell.

So, we finagled our way to scoop some untainted baking soda from the bottom of the box. Hoping that was stink free.

Now the b.s. box is no longer in the fridge.
And everyone in the house commented last nite that the fridge smells bad.
I didn’t notice but ok.

I’ll get to how this relates to you in just a moment.

Empathic body aches
This morning, I woke up feeling achy, tired, full of dred in the pit of the stomach, disorientation in the brain.

Ok wow, this feeling is back.
I want to know why.

I check my iphone calendar to see all the things I’ve done & eaten in the past few days. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nowadays, I keep a more detailed itinerary than the president.

I reread the calendar and only one thing stood out.
No, I didn’t sneak in an errant wheat samosa. I didn’t eat any wheat bread. I definitely stayed away from too much sugar. No drugs. No pills. Clean as a whistle.

I did do one thing different.
I had a conversation with two people.
Now, this is definitely out of the ordinary.

Who are these magical people, you may be wondering.
Without outing their identity, let’s just say they look like me, or rather I look like them. Yup, them.

Both of them vented their problems with me.
And instead of ignoring them like usual, I listened.

The whole thing lasted a couple of hours, each of them opening up and speaking their mind. I barely said a word but listened empathically. I didn’t want to be rude.

For an empath, this is not an unusual scenario.
Even strangers on a plane will turn to you and spill their deep inner secrets.

Something about us, maybe it’s our aura, lets strangers feel comfortable enough to think they’re in a therapy session.

Empaths & Baking Soda
What is happening in those scenarios is that we are sucking in their stink.
Yes, we’re like the baking soda in the fridge.

This makes them feel fresh and clean. That’s all great for them. That’s why they love hanging out with empaths. They feel uplifted.

The empath is now stuck with all that grime. If you don’t have a good energetic hygiene, to dump all that out, it will turn into physical and mental issues.

I myself would not have believed this had I not read about this repeatedly, been told this by energy medicine practitioners over and over, and experienced this exact problem OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

Even now, as I type this, a part of my brain does not believe it.
But the proof is in the (stinky) pudding.

So as an experiment, I took four of those stones meant for grounding and held em in my hand. Within a minute, I started feeling better.

I’m writing this out for you, while the lesson is fresh in my mind. And then I’m off to find some salt to scrub my body and wash it off in a cool shower.