Cleaning the Windshield

July 12, 2016

This happened about a decade ago.
A few years outta college.

I had just found a local realtor to help me purchase rental properties.
My goal was to become a real estate mogul, I had decided. This would be my 2nd step, already owning one building by then.

Usually realtors will pick you up and drive you around, in their pristine lavender scented cars. And he did a bunch of times. This time, for some reason, I was the driver.

Going through unfamiliar neighborhoods, I was leaning up, down, left and right to spot building numbers. So hard to see. This was before my foray into nav systems & smartphones.

At one point, the normally polite realtor let out a big sigh and said exasperatedly, “For the love of god Deepak, have you ever heard of windshield wipers?!”

I paused a moment to let those words sink in, and then laughed out loud. Twisted a knob near the steering wheel to squirt some fluid and let the rubber blades do their work.

Ah, much better.
Now I could see!

All this time, I had no idea my windshield was dirty.

I’m not kidding.
I had no idea because it was always dirty and I didn’t much care either.
I was used to sloppy living.

Nowadays, I’m getting better at keeping my vision clear.
And can spot folks with messy windshields from a mile away.