Forest Preserve

July 6, 2016

Forest Preserve
It’s a sunny Wednesday here in the suburbs.

Hints of a humid breeze.
Feels like nature’s warm breath.
Clear blue skies.
These moments are precious for us midwesterners.
We earned this.

I hung out in my favorite forest preserve today.

Before, I was feeling frantic & static in the brain.
The usual for me, and I know for most humans.
Tons of brain chatter.

During, I heard nothing in the good ol noggin.
The forest has a way of wiping the slate clean.
Like shaking an etch a sketch.

To get this treatment, you don’t have to do anything but simply enter and sit there.

When I say enter, I do mean enter.
Not sit in the car with windows open, like I had done in the past.
Actually get out, find a favorite corner, and sit down.
Preferably with naked feet touching the naked ground.

Then the physican will automatically get to work.
And you don’t need to be preapproved by blue cross blue shield to get treated here.

Before you think of taking any shortcuts, it’s NOT the same when going to a park or sitting in your backyard. Trust me, I’ve tried.

What led me there
I had just come out of a morning appointment with my chinese doctor.

I woke up today with fits of anger. Old childhood memories popped up into my mind and I was physically and mentally raging. Luckily, no one was around to feel my wrath.

So what’s up with all this anger doc? I asked when I got there.
Does it have anything to do with my liver? (See, I had done my research, I wanted to show him).

Well, your energy has considerably improved from all time lows. When the systems kick back up, some can get hyper, like your liver. This is normal. We’ll work on calming that today.

Some pulse taking, a glimpse of my tongue, and of course super thin needles on my head, feet, and stomach for around 45 minutes.

Along with my hyper liver, chi is very low though improving. Digestion very weak still. All organ systems are out of whack, but there has been improvement after four visits & the prescribed herbs.

Thanks, the improvement has been noticeable on my end too, doc.

This set the following events in motion.

As I left his office, feeling much calmer and heading home, the forest called me.

So, I turned back around, hit up the nearest McDonald’s for a large coffee, black.
Treated myself to the rare large fries, why the hell not.
And a bottle of water too, please.

Both the order taker, the guy swiping my card, and the dude handing me my goods in the next window were all in a great friendly mood. So was I. Hello, please, and thank you were sprinkled generously.

Then I drove down Higgins Road, right past the on-ramp for the busy I-290, where all the worker bees make their entrances and exits.

Took the familiar right turn into Busse Woods.
The large trees immediately welcome you in, like those restaurant hosts in Japan.
Come right in, come come. Here you are sir. May I get you something to drink?
They greet you from the outside all the way to your seat.
As if you’re a very important person.

This time, I sat next to the waterfront by the entrance.
It was a quiet area with a few runners and bikers.
An older gentleman fishing.
And me.

No one looked around in angst or worry.
No nervous stares or flinching.
We are all like-minded people here.
Race, color, sex, age doesn’t matter.
An exclusive mid-day forest preserve club.

I sat down facing the water, half my body on the concrete edge, half on the grass.
Soaked up the bright toasty sun for an hour.
And listened to The Beatles, of course.
Abbey Road this time.

Four Elements & The Forest
This got me thinking.
Why do I like the forest so much?

I have a belief that we naturally go towards what we’re lacking.
People, places and things.

In astrology, there are four elements.
Fire, Air, Earth, Water.

While looking at my natal chart, I found that I’m quite deficient in Fire and Earth.

I hang out with some friends who have plenty of Earth, and I always feel grounded around them. Artificially, I use earthing mats, epsom salt baths, and even started carrying around grounding gemstones to compensate.

Others have fire, which I so desperately crave.
You already know that I was super deficient in Vitamin D (Sun’s Fire), for which I take capsules in the winter, and even resorting to super bright full spectrum bulbs (five of em at a time), lightboxes (10,000 lux, three at a time), and even FIR Infrared Saunas (gimme that heat!).

I’ve also noticed that the folks I hang out with are usually deficient in what I have. Some love my abundant Air and Water elements. They appreciate my mental acumen and empathic nature.

The forest offers us all four elements.

There’s fresh water, clean pranic negative ion air , hot fire from the Sun. and of course plenty of earth. And tons of animals stirring the chi around.

Forest is the perfect doctor and pharmacy.
Free, generous, renewable, always available (well, as long as it’s summer & before dusk).

What are you waiting for?