On Brexit (a silver lining)

June 27, 2016

The Brexit is bad (temporarily) for the UK but great for the US and rest of the world.

Before starting, I should mention I’m mostly ignorant on the subject.
I haven’t watched news programs in many years but topics like this usually find a way to pierce my bubble. Either through family & friends, when I walk by a tv that’s on in the house, through non-news podcasts that happen to talk about this, youtube video clips, or when I surf NYTimes & Washington Post websites for unrelated reasons.

1. Humans tend to learn best from things that go wrong rather than when things go right.

2. Life is like a pendulum.
It swings to the right and to the left. And this process is beneficial in the long term. It would not be good if only the liberals won or vice versa, no matter what we personally want. Leaning too left, or too right, helps us recognize that the middle way is the best.

I learned about personal finance because of my hardcore mistakes. Losing all my money during dot com bubble led me to learn about stocks. Got into credit card debt early in life, which led me to learn about money management.

I learned more about real estate investing from actually trying it out and losing money than I did all the years I read about it.

I learned about health & nutrition only because my health became super poor.

The world learned not to let dictators get out of control from the whole WWII debacle. America learned to get involved in world affairs rather than sit on the sidelines from WW1 and WW2.

The 50 states in USA learn from each other.
Each state can have their individual laws and citizens can freely migrate to any state. We’re all taxpaying/job working/job creating free agents and the states need to recruit us via favorable laws. That’s the whole point anyways.

I don’t think the US would’ve elected the first african american president unless they were fed up with the previous 8 years.

Brexit & USA:
So the UK is trying out an experiment.

They left the EU and want to go their own way.
More secure borders and blah blah blah. Leaning super conservative.

This is a huge benefit for the upcoming US elections. It could not have happened at a better time for us.

We get to see how the UK citizens feel remorse after their votes, what it did to the world economy, how the rest of the EU react with bitterness, how the overpromising brexit politicians walk back on their promises, etc. We get to learn from our friend’s hangover.

UK is a big enough country to matter to us.
64M people with 5th largest economy, $2.8T GDP.
We have 319M people with largest economy, $18.6T GDP.
It wouldn’t have been the same if a smaller country tried the same thing.

UK is like our parent.
For them to try out this experiment means more to US citizens than if France or Germany had done the same. We’re pals with UK. A lot of us look like them. We’re their kids who grew up and earned freedom. We proudly speak their language. Despite our differences, we got their back more than the other guys.

So, the US is facing a similar uprising as the UK.
One party has a presidential nominee that wants to try out similar extreme ideas.

The Brexit happening means his chances of winning went down even further.
Many of us who were sitting on the election sidelines will feel an inner urging to vote. We can’t fucking let something like that happen to us.

The Brexit also means the likelihood of the first female president in the US went up.
The chances were already high, the only way she could’ve won is by having an opponent even his own party dislikes.

Now with the UK pendulum leaning hard right, the US will compensate by going center left politically and hard left socially by electing the first woman to be our leader. It’s guaranteed.