(more) On Synchronicity

June 20, 2016

The other day, I was telling you about some synchronous things happening in my life (more frequent now than normal) and Carl Jung. I also wrote to you recently about The Inner Voice.

Joe Dispenza Article
Now, I want to point you towards an article on this topic by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Joe is a guy I’ve kinda heard of in periphery through documentaries and other authors, but never paid full attention to. He wasn’t on my radar to do a deep dive… until now.

Last couple days, I’ve been listening to his talks on youtube and stumbled onto the article on synchronicity tonight. He is awesome and what he wrote about is exactly what I’m experiencing these days.

As soon as I read the article, I had an urge to write to you about it.

And I reached for my phone to, well, I can’t remember why now but maybe to make a note on my calendar. The time stamp as I awoke the phone was of course 11:11. So I quickly tried to take a screenshot of it, and that sucker immediately turned 11:12. Funny.

I get the message loud and clear though. Don’t try to capture every one of these moments as if they’re rare specimens, just accept em as normal synchronous moments and go with the flow.

My Inner Life
On a tangent, these days, I’ve been doing the playing card divination, like I mentioned before.

Usually as soon as I wake, I pull out the deck to get the “temperature”, or main theme, for the day. It’s pretty accurate, or a better way to say it is that the card messages are useful. They spark some insight in the brain. It doesn’t matter which card pops up, the messages are worthwhile and inspire deep introspection.

I then write down any dreams or lyrics stuck in my head, these are usually clearest in the morning. I also write to and hear back from the inner voice. What I’m trying to say is that my days are filled with constant two way inner conversation.

Anyways, so today I had to drop off two heavy boxes at the UPS store.

It started raining, but cleared up as soon as I got out of the car. I balanced both boxes in my arms, held against the car and my body, as I freed one arm to close the car door. Then I carried the boxes using both arms (& most of my chest) towards the store. Right as I started walking, I had a small mental image, wouldn’t it be super cool if someone was walking out as I walked in, and held the door open for me?

I didn’t do this purposely or wish it or have any attachment to the desire. It was a random, wouldn’t it be cool, thought. And then I let it float away into the ethers.

I’m sure you can guess the punchline.
As I get close, one of the guys that work there ran and held the door open, by walking outside. The whole thing was perfectly orchestrated, as if it was pre-planned and we had been practicing it for a broadway play.

Ok, now onto that article I was talking about…

The Magical Language of Serendipity and Synchronicity