June 18, 2016

Ok, I’ll make this one quick.

Because I’m sitting in the basement with boxes full of used books, trying to figure out which ones I can resell on amazon, to get a cash influx into my dry bank account.

Speaking of the basement, there are a bunch of spiders here.

Actually, there are a bunch of bugs, ladybugs and such. I have no idea how they get in here, all the windows are closed.

And this of course attracted the spiders.
They hang out by the windows and in the bathroom. I’ve decided to be all Dalai Lama about this situation, and not kill either party. Let nature take care of everything.

One weird thing is that it’s very hard to see the spiders.
Their body color somehow blends in with the carpet, paint, and windows. They’re also pretty small, maybe the biggest being the size of a dime.

The only way my eyes (and brain) figured out that there are spiders here are by the color of their dark poop, which they nor evolution seemingly have any control over.

Now I don’t look for spiders to know if they are around.
I look for poop.

Traffic Lights
The day I figured out how to watch when traffic lights change, I felt like a genius.

Now when I’m waiting at a red light, I use my peripheral vision to look at the lights for the other side. As soon as their light emits a warm yellow glow, I get ready for mine to turn green.

I can tell if my parents are home are not, without talking or looking for them. Nor visiting the garage.

All I have to do, when I walk out of my upstairs room, is quickly scan two spots on the downstairs kitchen counter.

My mother keeps her car keys in the same spot on the front counter, If it’s there, she’s likely home. If not, she’s out.

Ditto for my father. He keeps his wallet and keys out in the open, on the far side of the kitchen. The color of these items are dark, and they stand out on a light colored counter.

I also know if he’s taking a nap in the front living room. He has a habit of quietly being in different rooms, causing a startle, since I tend to walk around with loud headphones on, and lost in my head.

Now, when I walk up in the kitchen, with headphones on as usual, I no longer have to be startled. As I open the fridge, my peripheral vision notices if his empty slippers are lying on the floor in the adjacent room. If yes, he’s using his laptop or taking a nap. If not, the coast is clear.

Will today be one full of chronic fatigue or will I be ok?

I no longer have to rely on hindsight, medical tests, or professionals. I simply have to press two acupuncture points on my body.

Depending on the severity of soreness, I know how much or little energy I’ll have that day and adjust accordingly.

Other stuff
This type of shorthand probably exists for everything out there. Clues waiting to be discovered. I’m still a newbie in this process but wanted to share my findings with you.

Ok, that’s all I got for now.
Time to head back to the salt mines.