[audio] #89 Drinking Hydrogen Peroxide

June 16, 2016

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-What should we talk about in life when given all the options?
-My Health Issues
-Drinking Hydrogen Peroxide
-The circumstances that led me to try this for the 2nd time
-Visiting a Chinese Doctor vs how it is with a regular doc
-Taking Chinese Herbs out of a ziplock bag
-Feeling MUCH Better
-Idea of making money thru a spiritually fulfilling venture

The One Minute Cure – book
Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35% – amzn
The many benefits of hydrogen peroxide – dr david williams
Dosing plan of hydrogen peroxide – anecdotal blog post
One Amazon Review re h2o2
Another review re h2o2 and candida

Tian Chi – i think this is the herb mixture the doc gave me, not 100% sure