Synchronicity, Carl Jung, My Stories

June 10, 2016

As I’ve mentioned to you a few times recently, I’ve been going thru my many boxes of books (some read, others not) and unloading the ones with value on amazon. It’s time to let other people enjoy these books and I could use the cash, plus it feels good to declutter.

One of the side benefits is that I’m seeing books I had no idea I owned. Maybe 1 out of every 50, I feel like I really want to read.

It’s the whole Marie Kondo thing of holding your possession in your hand and feeling that inner uplifting ding. I was not consciously trying this technique but it happened by itself.

Carl Jung
Examples of some books that elicited that feeling include A Course in Miracles, Ender’s Game, The Martian Chronicles, Eat Pray Love, and most recently, The Portable Jung.

It contains the selected works of Carl Jung edited by….. (yea I couldn’t believe it either) …. Joseph Campbell. That same Joey Camps (as Pete Holmes would say) of the hero’s journey fame we all know and love.

I quickly skimmed the table of contents and one chapter stood out. A chapter on Synchronicity. (This itself was a synchronous moment, more on that later).

It includes Jung’s experiments and theories on the idea of synchronicity, meaningful coincidences. He talks about experiments in ESP, having folks predict which card will come up, and topics such as astrological aspects as it related to people getting married. Fascinating.

I especially liked anecdotal stories of synchronicities happening in his life and with his patients.

I won’t spoil the details but rather point you towards the wikipedia page that includes some of them.

My Synchronicities
This made me think of the synchronicities in my life lately.

See, I have (ahem) a lot of free time on my hands these days.
So I’ve been keeping track of whatever details that seem necessary. Mostly my energy, mood, what I ate, liquid intake, my bodily functions and evacuations, vitamin & supplement intake, weight lifting notes, and bodily reactions. These notes help me manage my mental health, gut health, and overall vitality.

Also included are dreams that I can recall and some weird synchronicities.

Hello From The Other Side
One morning a few months ago, I woke up with that Hello song by Adele in my head.

“Hello from the other side”, the phrase kept repeating in my head in the early dreamlike phase right after waking. So much so that I made a note of it and forgot about it. Whatever dream or memory we have in the morning, that we are sure will stick with us throughout the day, tend to fade away like a waft of smoke, I’ve noticed.

So anyways, that day, I had a craving for some Filipino egg rolls. There’s only one store here that sells em, Unimart. So I drove there, picked up some egg rolls and some fresh tilapia (they will debone and fry for free, though the wait was super long).

As I get to the checkout and the lady hands me the credit card receipt to sign, I did a double take. Scrawled on that wood or corklike counter, right next to my receipt, was the phrase “Hello from the other side”.

Weird moment, but soon my brain whitewashed that out as a random thing and I proceeded with the rest of my day, eating my new goods.

Love isn’t always on time
Fast forward a few weeks.
This is another memory recorded in my calendar.

On March 9, 2016, my dad and I decided to look for a used car for him. Sick of his other car needing expensive maintenance all the time, we were to drive around looking for cars.

That morning, “Love isn’t always on time” kept looping in my head. I’ve heard this song on the radio before but couldn’t recall hearing it recently.

At first, I really did not want to go.
Physical shopping is not my thing, and physical shopping at used car dealerships, forget about it. So, to avoid the negotiation tactics, we first went to CarMax.

Unfortunately, they only had two Honda cars and were not the type he was looking for. I told him we’d go back home and look online for cars that fit his profile, then go to the respective dealerships to check them out.

On the drive back, on a street full of car dealerships, there is a Honda store. I could tell he wanted to go there, and as the driver, I did not. At the last possible second, instead of driving straight, I pulled over to the left hand turning lane. I was feeling a moment of sympathy, I guess, for him and decided to be unselfish.

We looked around, the guy there, though young & nice, was a hungry used card dealer type person. He of course made us commit by wasting a bunch of time in his office with small talk, pretending to be hard at work looking for cars that fit our needs.

Was super slow in finding the appropriate keys, and made us walk all around the lot to find a car that ended up being right where we started. He played it off as an accident but my gut feeling said that’s a sales tactic, meant to get us to spend time and energy so that our inner resistance breaks down.

Anyways, my dad wasn’t impressed and wanted to leave. So he walked back to my car. I, feeling too polite and sympathetic to the dealership guy’s look of hurt at losing a sale, said we may be back later. He wanted me to come back to his office so he can print out something for me, I think car profiles? I, being too nice, agreed.

So he took down my info, I gave him a fake phone number, and he proceeded to print something in the other room. I walked back to the lobby, eager to leave as soon as possible. This guy was taking way too long and minutes seemed to pass by.

Just before I left, they had music blasting on the ceiling speakers, the song “Love isn’t always on time” started playing. I did a double take. Ended up leaving the office before he got back.

love isnt always on time

What all this means:
Ok you know I’m full on board with the spiritual, mystical side of things. I’m not a cold hard facts, no nonsense, analytical, science-only type person.

(Jung was a respected psychiatrist and believed in scientific type experiments. If he went too deep into the spiritual realm with his theories, I think, he would’ve been laughed at by his peers. Though his private weird journal, full of these types of discoveries, was recently published after being locked up in a vault for many years. I think this holds true for many science type folks, who probably don’t reveal weird things because it could ruin their career.)

I believe we have spiritual guides and assistance on the other side. Things like our higher self, guardian angels, spirit guides, archangels, ascended masters, and whatever else. Things that Doreen Virtue and others talk about. Maybe even advanced alien beings trying to communicate with us telepathically (like the channel Bashar and kinda like in The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury).

I think dreams, not all of em but the memorable ones, and synchronicities like this are messages that we need to unravel. It’s some type of guidance from a different or higher dimension.

I also think these types of things happen to all of us, not the select few, but we forget them right after they happen. I know because I forget dreams as soon as I walk into the bathroom to pee. So I make extra care to write them down as soon as I wake up, but a lot of times I don’t due to all the effort involved.

There are some other examples from my life but I think you get the gist of this by now. I’m sure you can remember a bunch of synchronicities from your own life.

Carl Jung Synchronicity – Wikipedia, I like the gold scarab story
The Portable Jung