Online Yard Sale: Go buy my used books on amazon

June 2, 2016

You know that I’m selling all of my books.

The first two I sold manually on amazon. Meaning, I listed them as a merchant seller and they were snapped up within a couple of hours.

So the next morning, I drove to CVS and bought two (expensive) envelopes. Then drove to FedEx Kinkos to print two labels (13 cents each), since I don’t have a printer. Then it was to the US Post Office. I went to the automated machine but it didn’t have the mailing option I needed. So the nice lady behind the counter helped me mail the two books as media mail. The cheapest option when sending books. Sometimes sneaky folks use this mode to send unapproved things, she said, thus it’s not available by automated machine. Makes sense.

I swiped my credit card while making small talk. It got rejected. My body produced a few ounces of sweat. Because I have no clue how much is left in my account, but I know it’s not much. Then I realized I had punched in my zip code when it asked for my pin. We both laughed nervously. Then I did the right digits and it went thru. Phew, I had just enough cash left in the bank to pay for the postage. The whole process was actually kinda fun.

But, I know I don’t wanna go thru that hassle again. And I wanted my customers to get faster prime shipping too and not to rely on my energy levels in mailing fast.

So the next batch, I picked and packed a selection of my books into a box. Signed up for an Amazon FBA account (meaning they will pick, pack, and mail using prime shipping, for a cut of the fees).

The first bunch of books has arrived at amazon warehouses and available to be bought by you asap.

I want to point you towards Mr. Pine’s Purple House.

One of the copies is sold by me.
It’s been gently read and looks like it’s new (minus my pheromones and random dna on there probably).

It’s a children’s book, yes.
It’s also one of Jeff Bezos’ favorite books he read as a child.
A great short read on the importance of being original and being yourself.

Go buy it through amazon prime. Look for AbeGM (my store).

I have one copy on there, selling for less than new price. Also less than all the other used prices. And I’m the only used person selling it on amazon prime (so you can get it faster than anyone else).

You could be my first prime customer.
This is a big deal (for you!).