[audio] #88 I Gotta Have Faith

May 28, 2016


What’s up Diarrhea Face,

Here’s the new podcast.

Creative Struggles
I removed background noises, ran compression, went thru each second and removed mouth smacking noises (trust me, that was mind-numbing), and truncated the silences in hopes of providing a better listening experience for your wax filled ears.

I still can’t seem to like the final product (my voice & my thoughts), so I added a bit of intro music to mask that insecurity. Props to Key & Peele’s movie Keanu for reminding me this song exists.

Then, I had to downgrade the audio quality from 128kbps, to 112, 96, finally to 80kbps, so that the file is small enough to be uploaded. I’m on a (ahem) cash diet and don’t wanna spend the extra money for more podcasting space. If you smell what I’m cookin. More on that later.

Still, I wanted to delete the whole goddamn thing.
Creative struggles.
It’s all part of the fun, I guess.
So, here it is, enjoy it you fuck (abusing you to make me feel better).


1. Depression, Tim Ferriss, My Experience
Listened to an interesting podcast with Tim Ferriss where he talks about long bouts of depression, and how he built in defenses against it now. Lift heavy things, go out in nature, have a dog, good nutrition, meditation, mindfulness, psychedelics, saying no to things, etc.

This struck a chord with me because I realized, whoa, I no longer fear being depressed. This is a big accomplishment and I had no idea I’d reached this point in my life!

You know that I dealt with severe seasonal affective disorder for probably 25yrs now, where I was down and out for 6months or more every year. And normal depression came and went quite frequently. It was a way of life and although I had hopes of conquering it, all that work seemed like a fruitless effort.

Depression looks to be gone for good now. And if not, I have my own built in strong defenses too.

Similar to Tim.
Strong diet, focused on gut health, meditation, supplements, reframing thoughts, morning pages, vimala handwriting, cold showers, fir sauna, hanging out in nature especially forest preserves, spirituality, psychedelics (though I haven’t done this in a while), avoiding people/places/things that fuck me up, and a bunch of other automatic stuff. It’s a way of life that honors my mind/body/spirit.

2. Weight lifting (body health) progress
15 weeks and going strong. Newest lesson: watch what you think and say about your body, your cells are listening, like Louise Hay says.

3. Money story
Interesting scenario where I literally ran out of cash (went in the negative) and got some unexpectedly at the same time. The divine always supports us, as they say. And this was a fun way to know that for myself.

Decided to sell books that I no longer read. And maybe all of them. This is also a big deal, since my normal tendency is to hoard em.

Tim Ferriss Interview by Steven J Dubner
Faith – George Michael