Using regular playing cards as a divination tool

May 25, 2016

I didn’t know this was a thing until couple days ago.
You can use regular playing cards and give yourself an oracle reading. Like one would with tarot cards.

I think playing cards originally evolved from tarot cards and were used as divination tools before people figured out how to play games with them.

You can do a one card instant reading, 3 card spread (past, present, future), 9 card spread, or more elaborate ones.

Grab a deck of cards.
Get rid of the jokers (or you can keep them in depending on your preference).

One card reading
Think of your question
Shuffle and pick a card that seems to pop out.
Look at the meaning (see link below).

Three card spread
Same deal, pick three cards that seem to pop out.
First one will represent the past, second for the present, and third for your future.
Look up the meanings of each cards.

I’ve been doing a one card reading in the morning to see what I need to know for the day. It doesn’t matter which card comes up, I get some meaning out of it every time.

You can think of these readings as divine messages or if you happen to be a left-brain non-spiritual type person, think of em as a lateral thinking exercise.

Note: You’ll notice that different websites have slightly different card meanings. Just pick one you like and go with it. And don’t take the results too seriously.

Playing Card Meanings – Cafeastrology
The Playing Card Oracle – Arcana Arcanorum

A better way to find card meanings.

Simply translate playing cards into tarot cards by remembering the following:
Diamonds = Pentacles
Hearts = Cups
Spades = Swords
Clubs = Wands

So, if you pull up a 2 of spades, simply google “2 of swords” to get the tarot meaning. I find this method more enjoyable.