Thoughts Become Things – Steve Harvey audio

May 23, 2016

I’ve lately been revisiting the new thought movement leaders.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Catherine Ponder, Florence Scovel Shinn, Louise Hay. Napoleon Hill, Charles Fillmore, and the rest of em.

I want some of that sweet abundance in my life too. Why not?

So, it’s awesome that I run into this audio posted today by Steve Harvey saying the same law of attraction things. How changing his thoughts changed his life.

Finding this was a complete coincidence.
Well, not coincidence.
There are no accidents, right?

I’m watching WWE Raw, live stream on my laptop. During a commercial break, got the desire to check out one of the wrestling websites for news.

One of the pieces of news is that a wwe superstar will be on the Steve Harvey Show. There’s a tweet of that. I click on it to get onto Steve’s twitter page. Scroll down randomly, and notice a link that says “Thoughts Become Things.”

Clicked on that and then listened to this 10 minute talk.
Made me feel good and also got me to refocus.

Reminded me that there’s work to be done.
Closed Raw, and time to get back to right thinking. Just goes to show that no matter what you’re doing, if the right message wants to find you, and you’re paying attention, it will get thru.

I think you’ll enjoy this short talk also.