Health Update: Depression Gone, Gut Health, Weight Loss, TCM

May 5, 2016

Ok, I finally have some good news to share with you.

This after what seems like a lifetime spend inside books, research, trial and error of every method out there.

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You know how in Inception, the guy lives a whole life inside a dream and grows old. Only to be saved and woken up by people from reality and only a few hours had passed in this time? I kinda feel like that.
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This post is going to be all over the place, I know. But I’m just excited to share the info, and don’t feel like editing it down.

Bottom Line, what’s working:
Traditional Chinese Medicine way of eating.
Between Heaven and Earth. Healing With Whole Foods. TCM blogs.

I think this is the gold standard for our health.
Because it doesn’t offer one size fits all plan. It’s as individual as there are different snowflakes.

Yet it’s simple enough for the layman to understand. We can start fixing our diet asap with what’s already in our pantry.

The health problems may be varied, the solutions all fall into two categories. Yin or Yang. Cool or Hot. Damp or Dry. Deficient or Excess.

Once you figure out which camp you fall under, you can start eating food/drinks/herbs from the other camp to balance you out.

I’m starting to understand why TCM is looked down upon by mainstream in the West. Because there is NO money in it.

They cannot build a multibillion dollar medical empire with it. They can’t patent ordinary food or herbs. Anyone can heal themself with normal food. No need for expensive prescription drugs. No need fighting with your insurance company to get them to pay. No need for walgreens or cvs pharmacy trips. No need for expensive supplements.

A big shot, too busy for you allopathic doctor is not the focal point of your health. You don’t need to know confusing medical jargon or how all the organs work. They can’t trademark acupuncture, anyone practitioner with experience and a bunch of needles can do it. Even if you don’t use needles, you can do tapping, tracing or pressure to work on the acupoints by yourself at home.

Honorary Mentions:
The Gaps Diet. The Body Ecology Diet. The Stash Plan. A Mind of Your Own. Medical Medium. Gut: The Inside story. Energy Medicine.

My Results:

So my depression symptoms are all gone.
For real.

This after spending all my adult life trying every single method out there. I thought it was going to be a lost cause.

Things like:
Medication. Therapy. Vitamins. Herbs. Energy Medicine. Lightboxes, full spectrum bulbs, sauna. Cold showers. Journaling. Prayer. Grounding. Visiting a warm place during winter.

I’m basically following The Gaps Diet protocol but made it my own.
I noticed that my gut health was all fucked up. I never paid attention before. But my diarrhea, gassiness, acid reflux, and other digestive issues became so pronounced that I could no longer ignore it.

So after reading The Gaps Diet, my only goal in life became to have normal poops. I looked at the bristol stool chart and wanted to move away from watery stools to the gold standard, the uncut solid piece.

I eliminated a lot of what I ate before.
You know the deal. No wheat, dairy, legumes, sugar, processed food, most grains, crappy oils, etc. The usual stuff Paleo people would say.

I added bone broths, homemade kimchi, and large doses of soil based probiotics.

I energy tested myself to see what my body wanted. Instead of taking the recommended 1-2 caps a day, I started taking 4, 8, or even 10 caps a day, with meals. This immediately felt good and my poops started being normal. Super fast recovery. The more I took, the better I felt. There is an upper limit though. When I took too many probiotics, I could feel my digestive tract overly ferment or force out the poop. I think that was at 12 caps.

Started soaking my grains (quinoa, rice) for a long ass time, using yogurt to ferment. I never soaked before in my life. I soak now until I see fermentation bubbles pop up, usually 2-3 days. And cook them together in a 2:1 ratio of quinoa/rice in bone broth, water, and coconut oil.

This happened because in February, I ate a normal family meal. Rice, lentils, chickpeas, fish, fried wheat treats, other indian food. And had such explosive painful repeating diarrhea that I decided to get serious about soaking methods and eliminating most food.

As The Gaps Diet claims, once you fix the gut, the psychological problems go away. My depression, which came and went daily and weekly FOREVER, has gone away.

I still have low energy, fatigue problems, which I plan to solve using TCM dietary recommendations.

TCM Dampness
A couple years ago, a TCM doctor said I had dampness. I came away thinking he is uninformed because I had never heard this term before in a medical setting. And forgot about his suggestions.

My symptoms then are the symptoms I have now.
Post nasal drip. Oral thrush. High cholesterol. Fatigue. Overweight. Pale tongue, with teethmarks on side.

Now I realize he was right. After diving deep into TCM books, I categorize myself as yin, cold, and damp. So I started eating yang, warming, dry foods. And eliminated yin, cold, damp ones.

It may sound confusing but it’s easy.
I looked up yang warming foods in books/blogs.

I started eating figs, dates, pistachios, almonds.
Sprinkling black pepper, red chili pepper, other warm spices to my meals.
Added a cup of sweet rice to my quinoa/regular rice mixture.
I eat one solid meal a day, consisting of the rice mixture, cooked eggs/fish/meat, ghee, and random cooked vegetables in the fridge.
Rest of my meals are protein shakes with mct oil, green superpowder. Figs, nuts etc. For convenience.
Still drinking bone broths.

I removed all yin foods.
Raw vegetables/salads/juices/smoothies
Of course no dairy, wheat, junk food.
No more apples, no avocados, less bananas, etc.
No cold drinks or foods at all.
Reduced my high kimchi intake.
Stopped drinking too much water.

No more hunger, cravings, binges!
For real.
I could care less about cakes, cookies, pies, donuts. I’m good with my fresh dates.

I still use a fir sauna, to sweat out excess moisture, and it plain makes me feel good.

The results are that my weight seems to be going down.
I promised myself I won’t be a slave to my scale anymore, so I don’t have any idea what the number is. But my clothes are fitting better and becoming loose. Looking trim in the mirror as well.

My energy levels are increasing.
To the point where I have been heavy weight-lifting for 13 weeks, 3x a week now. Body is growing stronger. I’ve never lasted this long in any exercise routine before.

Here’s the kicker.
I’m sweating more, especially when I wake up.
I think this is a good sign, that my body is ridding itself of excess dampness/moisture. I keep a temperature/humidity checker by my bed. Usually every morning, I’m tired, cold, listless no matter what the temperature is. Nowadays, even if the temp is 66F and humidity is in the 30s, I’m sweating!

My post nasal drip is gone. Acid reflux gone. No more stomach discomfort. No heartburn. 90% less gas down below. Zero gas upstairs, aka burping.

My oral thrush is still there but I get the feeling it will be gone soon enough.

I reintroduced beans and lentils, super soaked, and my gut health is holding strong. No more explosions!

There’s more to share but I think you get the point by now.
TCM diet is awesome.