5 new Louis CK interviews

April 30, 2016

I’ve been listening to everything Louis for a bunch of years now.
And it’s fun when he puts out a new round of interviews. I like listening to him because he explains specific details on his creative process.

This time he’s talking about how he independently created and secretly put out his newest show Horace & Pete. Also thoughts on how he wrote an email about Donald Trump and the backlash.

There is a lot of overlap in the interviews but also new nuggets in each one.

1. Louis CK on Howard Stern 4/11/16
Absolute terrible audio quality.
But I was just happy to find this clip after searching for a long time. Howard tends to get the best interview out of his guests.

If you put the speed on 1.25x, it sounds kinda ok.

Part 1:

(starts 44:00)

Part 2:

2. Louis on Opie & Jim 4/18/16

Skip to around 42min for main Louis talk

3. Louis on Bill Simmons Podcast 4/20/16

4. Louis on Marc Maron WTF Podcast 4/21/16

5. Louis with Charlie Rose 4/25/16