The Church of Science

April 16, 2016

These rabid followers are everywhere.

They use words like: myth, debunking, science-based, evidence-based, skeptic, quack, hoax, snake oil, and are quick to point out that correlation is not causation.

They can quote studies, stats, and refer you to pubmed as fast as a gunslinger in the old west.

They leave their religious thoughts everywhere.
Youtube, amazon, blogs, reddit, podcasts.

I’m watching a Chef John video on how to make your own healthy sports drink, and the top comment is a science troll saying honey is chemically equivalent to high fructose corn syrup. This leads to a youtube comment war of course and for no good reason, I’m reading all of em.

I look at reviews for The Outsiders, a business book on exceptional CEOs, and there are statistics trolls expertly debunking the book. Same goes for reviews for Good to Great. Or some of the health & diet books I read.

I search for bone broth recipes and find evangelists debunking this myth. I look for vitamins, supplements and herbs online to find science warriors doing more of the same.

I want to read about the Cleveland Clinic and how Dr. Mark Hyman has his own functional health center there. Immediately, I find tons of blogs dedicated to debunking integrative medicine.

I want to see what this whole GMO thing is all about, the youtube videos by natural food proponents are littered with comments by anonymous science fanatics.

Don’t even get me started on vaccines. And I don’t mean if they’re healthy or not. I mean, you can’t even say the word “vaccine” out loud anymore. You’ll be rounded up and sent to the looney bin.

These people are like viruses.
Equally as annoying as conservative religious folks.

Instead of thumping the bible, their holy grail is a randomized, peer-reviewed, double blind, placebo-controlled study. Even then, they argue with each other! Blech.

Whatever happened to keeping a beginner’s mind? Trying things out for yourself to see if it works instead of relying on studies? Keeping an open mind. Understanding that most things are unknowable or unstudyable.

Are these people too smart for their own good? Are they prisoners of thinking too much? Are they funded by big corporations to spread misinformation about processed food vs real food? Or do they just have that much free time to go around …debunking? I don’t get it.