How to open a young coconut easily using a kitchen knife

April 8, 2016

Ok, I don’t have any of my own pictures of videos to share with you.

But I DID spend DAYS watching different videos trying to figure out how to open a young coconut, to make coconut kefir.

And this is my favorite method out of all the ones out there:

(starts at 1:20)

No whacking or hacking.
No crazy machetes or expensive openers needed.
It’s much easier than it looks.
It’s much easier than it reads from tutorials.

The only tool you need is a normal kitchen knife.
And a placemat or towel to hold the coconut from slipping.

Leave the plastic on, because you don’t want to touch the fungicides and chemicals sprayed on the husk for it to retain white color.

1. Shave off the cone end to reveal the hard shell.

2. Tap the shell with bottom-end metal of knife. Go around the shell tapping until it gives. It will crack at some point. Then flip the lid open with knife or fingers.

3. Put a glass or wide mouth container on top of the hole, flip coconut over to catch the water. Scoop out coconut meat with spoon.

So easy that it’s unbelievable there are other methods out there. I’m a complete novice and I’m 4 for 4 so far in success rate.