Eggs with Fish Sauce = Gamechanger

April 8, 2016

This is a complete game change to the egg game.
Fish sauce adds that umami/savory flavor and kicks it up to the next level. If you’ve ever had eggs at an asian restaurant, you’ll recognize this flavor.

The idea is one glug of fish sauce per egg.
So 4 eggs = 4 glugs fish sauce.
Mix together, add whatever else you want, and cook as normal.

I go simple.
4 eggs
4 glugs fish sauce
Mix in bowl with fork.

Medium or Medium low heat
Coconut oil in pan.
Cook a few minutes, mix as needed.
May want to turn on exhaust fan because it will smell fishy in the house.

Add sea salt, black pepper, turmeric near the end.
Don’t overcook.
I like it a little glistening but not too wet.

We had some fish sauce lying around from making kimchi. I got to wondering what the point of fish sauce was and started researching.

Somehow I came upon a post that talked about adding it to eggs. I immediately ran downstairs to try this and couldn’t believe how awesome it tasted. I can’t go back to normal eggs anymore!

Viet Scrambled Eggs with Fish Sauce