[audio] #86 Weight Lifting Progress Note

April 8, 2016

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1. How I started weight lifting 2 months ago, how the stars aligned, & what’s happened since

2. Adrenal testing, taking pregnenolone, balancing my hormones helped me feel like working out rather than forcing to.

3. Working out everyday + cardio drained adrenals. Couldn’t get out of bed after. So switched over to lifting 2x a week with no cardio. Much better.

4. Lifting in basement with no one around = beneficial for highly sensitive/perceptive people from not being distracted like going to the gym.

5. Switching from increasing weight every set, doing multiple exercises to Starting Strength Protocol = huge gains, more efficient, less fatigue
– 3 exercises only: squats, bench or overhead press, deadlift
– 2-5mins rest between sets
– doing the recommended 4-5 sets of warmups helps a lot
– 3 sets of 5 reps at same weight for all except deadlift (1×5).
– increasing weight every workout

6. Now being able to lift 3x a week and body holding strong

7. Super secret advanced tip no one else will tell you: using Archangels as spotters

Starting Strength – (book)
Starting Strength summary
Warmup Reps calculator – save website on your phone as “add to homescreen”, it will remember what weight you did last time.
Meet your Archangels – Doreen Virtue
Shinsuke Nakamura Theme Song – amazon, cheaper than itunes.