Lazy Man’s Meal Replacement Protein Shake (No Blender)

March 31, 2016

Ok, I’m excited to share this simple technique.

I got sick of using my blender to make green smoothies and shakes because it requires washing and cutting vegetables and then washing the blender. I also got tired of cooking meals. I needed a way to get nutrition without all that work.

I need protein
I need vegetables
I need probiotics
I need good fats
Organic, NonGmo Preferred
Easy & effortless trumps taste but it has to taste kinda ok too.
Has to feel good in the body and not cause bloat/digestion issues

1. Amazing Meal Powder
is organic, nongmo. Has protein (plant based), tons of veggies, and probiotics. good reviews. I use 2scoops (24g protein) or 4scoops (48grams). This is the main star of the shake and my preferred powder out of all the dozens I’ve tried over the years.

I’ve tried the chocolate, vanilla chai, pomegranate, and original. No preference. This powder makes my gut/body feel super good, it’s very noticeable.

2. Big Glass Jar
the kind that olives or tomatoes come in. There were a bunch of those lying around in the house.

Tip is to add some water first to jar before adding powders, so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom.

Wide mouth jar is preferred because it’s easy to wash afterwards.

3. Extras:
all these are optional but healthy.
Throw in whatever you feel like.

Apple Cider Vinegar (splash)
Sea Salt (couple pinches)
Turmeric (if i remember)
Coconut Oil (2-4T melted in a bowl via microwave)
Glutamine Powder (i’ve been using large quantities for gut health)
Carrot juice (random amount, if I have some in the fridge)
Coconut water kefir (random amount, if i have some)
Stevia or Honey
Fill rest of jar with filtered water

Stir with a tall spoon and chug.
It actually tastes kinda good!

The only thing missing from the shake is fiber. So you can add psyllium powder or just eat a piece of fruit after.

No matter what I throw in there, it turns out ok. This is like the garbage salad version of meal replacement protein shakes. I drink two of these a day and then eat one regular meal. No cravings, hunger, or other issues. Haven’t gotten tired of the taste either.

Amazing Meal Powder