Keeping a Dream Diary

February 28, 2016

I’ve been keeping track of my dreams lately. It’s been a lot of fun and educational at the same time.

There are many ways to keep a dream diary.
My current method is to reach for the phone as soon as I wake up and write down the dream into my evernote app, without overthinking it.

I try not to move much much either. Dreams are very fragile and too much movement leads to forgetting.

I keep it in my phone rather than using pen and paper because phone notes are easier to store and search.

Keeping track of dreams is kind of a hassle though, like working out or flossing. I rarely want to type out a dream as I’m waking. But once I’m finished, I’m super glad to have done it.

Dreams rarely make sense in the moment or the same day. Usually, I forget that I wrote the note at all. Then I’ll run into one a week or so later. Suddenly, the meaning of the dream will become crystal clear. Not always but a lot of the time.

One more thing.
Remembering dreams is kind of like the chicken or the egg. Remembering a dream leads to remembering more dreams. Never keeping track of dreams leads to never having memorable dreams.

So at some point, you will have to try and write down a dream you had as soon as you have one. Some recommend saying an intention before falling asleep: I intent to dream tonight and remember it clearly when I wake up. That works. Have a phone (or pen & paper) ready by the bed so that you can reach for it as soon as waking.

Once you do this a couple of times, suddenly a floodgate opens and the subconscious will start delivering more and more at you. Fun!