The Body Ecology Diet for Candida & Overall Health

February 10, 2016

I want to summarize the body ecology diet real quick because at first it seems really confusing. But I think this is the holy grail of eating.


If you’ve been following my story, you know I’ve been attempting to lose weight for 17yrs of my life.
First 13years, I tried the eat less + exercise more model.
Since then I’ve done:
meal delivery (nutrisystem + seattle sutton)
Paleo diet
Vegetarian diet
Vegan diet + Eat to live diet
Misc diets: dolce diet, 4hr body, the zone, metabolic effect, carb cycling, juice fast, potato diet, weight watchers, cold therapy, blah blah
Every exercise I could try: personal trainers, tai bo, p90x, weight lifting, jiu jitsu, yoga, blah blah
Every supplement I could get my hands on
Finally, HCG diet: lost weight! but gained it back super fast a year later.

What I know is that I can lose weight using HCG diet.
But the underlying cause of weight gain needed to be solved. Why the hell is my body gaining weight even when I eat as clean as possible??

In the past year, I realized I have candida. Because I have oral thrush on my tongue. Not sure how long I’ve had this because it never occurred to me to check my tongue or that candida exists.

Recently, I did an adrenal fatigue cortisol spit test via a functional doc who specializes in the kalish method. Results came back that I have super low cortisol, stage 3.

Also, you may have read that I suffer from depressive symptoms. It comes and goes and is especially severe in the winter.

All these decades, I had been symptom hunting.
Depressed? Take these meds or supplements.
Obese? Work out more, eat this, and less of it
Chronically fatigued? Drink coffee, take tyrosine, push thru or just sleep a lot
Candida? Take antifungals

After much research, I think ALL problems are connected.
A holistic approach needs to be taken to solve this.

I think proper nutrition is the way to go. And making sure that the gut is super healthy, because that’s where all the action is.


After a year of surfing candida solution websites, I ran into some comment section where a bunch of people were talking about The Body Ecology Diet.

I read the book last week and started eating properly, and I have been feeling tremendous. With all due respect to the author Donna Gates, the book has a terribly confusing name for a newbie to understand! So let me try to make it clearer for other people like me.

What is this diet?
It’s all about healing the gut.
Think of it as a selective paleo diet. Or as a selective whole foods diet.
We eat clean foods, properly combined, with tons of probiotic-rich cultured items.
Feed the good gut bacteria, and add more bugs at the same time. Help body cleanse out the bad stuff.
That’s it.

NO: sugar, fruits, grains, dairy, processed food, junk food, soy, beans, lentils, alcohol, starches, mushrooms, nightshades (tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers), most nuts,

YES: nonstarch land + ocean veggies, 4 grainlike seeds (quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, millet: soaked 8hrs), sour fruits (lemon, lime, cranberries), good fats (coconut oil, olive oil, organic butter, ghee), protein (fish, chicken, beef, eggs), raw almonds (soaked 8hrs), approved seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, flaxseed), approved starches (red potatoes, squash), cultured foods (fermented veggies like kimchi, young coconut water kefir, young coconut meat yogurt, apple cider vinegar)

as you get better, can reintroduce healthy foods to see how you react. like soaked beans and lentils, organic dairy, fruit, brown rice, etc.

She uses the principles of food combining, acid/alkaline, expanding and contracting foods, 80% alkaline + 20% acid in each meal, eating cultured foods with every meal, colon cleansing (enemas, hydrotherapy), and recognizes that each person has unique needs.

Just from eating the way she recommends for a week, I’ve experienced no more crazy gas, no bloating, diarrhea-type bowels gone, no cravings, less hungry, eating much less, great solid bowel movements, better mood, more energy. It’s like night and day how fast things turned around for me.

I should also mention I’m separately taking supplements for my adrenal fatigue (pregnenolone, licorice root, vitamin c, etc). That is also helping a lot with energy.

Hope this helps to clarify things. I highly recommend the book and this type of eating style. Out of all the diets I’ve ever done, this ranks right now as the best for me.

The Body Ecology Diet – book by Donna Gates

Easy Coconut Water Kefir: The book has a method of making this. I found this post by someone else who has an easier method by using probiotic capsules instead of a starter culture.

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