Yawning and Eden Energy Medicine

January 13, 2016

The first time I went to an eden energy practicioner, she had me do the daily energy routine. When I got to the hookup exercise, I did a deep sigh. She remarked that it was a sign that my energy was aligning properly. Sounded weird and I didn’t pay much attention to this nor believe it.

Later, I tried searching online for any clue to this but could not find anyone talking about this.

Today, after having done the energy routine regularly for many months, I know for sure that when my energies hook up properly, I will sigh and yawn, sometimes so much that my eyes will water. This happens when I do a bunch of eft rounds as well, mostly the karate chop points. Maybe my small intestine meridian is hooking up.

So yes, yawning while doing energy medicine is a good sign. You can use this as a marker to see how your body’s energies are shifting for the better.