Super High Doses of Tyrosine for Depression

January 12, 2016

Don’t do anything I’m about to say without being very careful and your own research.

I think I may have solved one part of the depression puzzle using high doses of tyrosine.

What is tyrosine
As you may know, tyrosine is an amino acid found in protein (chicken, eggs, turkey, fish, beans, bananas, etc). So, it’s completely natural and normal. Tyrosine is used by the body for many things, one of which is dopamine. Dopamine is the energy/motivation brain chemical. Low dopamine results in depression, lethargy, low mood, low energy, restless leg syndrome, etc.

The reason to take tyrosine supplement
The problem is that when we get tyrosine from food, it may not cross the blood-brain barrier to get into the brain. But taken on its own as a supplement, tyrosine can enter the brain easily and results in a mood/energy lift. You can read all about this process in The Mood Cure Book or research it online.

My super high dose experiment
I started experimenting with large doses and it seems to have a very positive effect. For example, the largest dose recommended in The Mood Cure Book is 5grams per day (2grams am, 2 grams mid morning, 1 gram mid afternoon).

The last two days, I’ve been taking 12grams of tyrosine per day (4grams am, 4 grams mid morning, 4 grams mid afternoon). I also had 2 cups of black coffee at the same time. No negative side effects. The positive effects being it gave me energy to get out of bed, uplifted my mood like crazy, and I started exercising! I haven’t exercised in a long ass time, and it rarely happens in the winter.

I also read a lot today (concentration is high), listened to music (normally don’t while depressed), and was active all day. The early dark day has not bothered me either.

My reasoning for the high dose tyrosine
Normally I need 1-2 cups of coffee per day to survive depression, lethargy, low mood. Especially during winter. That’s about 130-260mg of caffeine. But eventually coffee stops working and leads to crashes & low serotonin for me. Plus I read that caffeine drains our body of many valuable minerals (magnesium).

Tyrosine is essentially a milder version of caffeine. So if my body can handle 260mg of caffeine, I should be able to handle very high doses of tyrosine until experiencing side effects (jitteriness, anxiety, etc). Side effects should mean that I’ve hit my max limit.

Every person has unique needs
I had been taking the recommended doses of tyrosine for 2 years with mediocre results. Maybe my body needs super high doses to function, even if no expert agrees? Something to keep in mind if you’re also experiencing low dopamine depressive symptoms.

My goal is to continue high doses of tyrosine until my body resets itself or I figure out a better method, and use coffee only as needed.