Water Signs need to be around Water

January 3, 2016

I don’t know if this is a real thing but I have a hypothesis. If you’re a water sign (cancer, scorpio, pisces), maybe you need to be around water to be properly balanced.

I was talking to this one intuitive person and she mentioned that I belong near the ocean. I need ocean energy, she said, and being landlocked in the midwest is detrimental to my health. I believe her. It seems right for me.

Except I have no opportunities at the present to move near the coast. So what are we do to?

Tonight, I experimented with taking a hot epsom salt bath and a cold shower. Both of those things made me feel great. Aside from the hydrotherapeutic benefits, I think it could be that water signs need to be in and around water.

So if you’re landlocked like I am, you can experiment with taking more frequent baths, showers, drinking tons of water, walking around ponds and lakes, etc. See if it makes a difference.