Charlie Munger on fixing the education system

January 2, 2016

I liked this clip a lot.

A. 1:22 minute mark
A lot of us agree that McDonald’s sells highly-processed, low-nutrition, addictive food. But Charlie is able to reframe the idea that McDonald’s is actually a great educational institution in this country for most young adults as their first job. Better than most schools, he says.

B. 5:50 minute mark
“I’m not any good at constant failure. I tire easily. I don’t try to fix the public schools in the worst neighborhoods. You’d have to either be a saint or a Gates to do that. I’m better at making the top better than I am at fixing insoluble problems. I soon tire of failure.”

I liked this part of the talk because he’s admitting his weakness. We don’t all have to solve every problem. Some things are just too hard for us and we can let others who are able & willing to work on those challenges.

I also feel like Charlie at times when dealing with newbies who don’t understand self-help techniques, read books, understand spirituality, focus on health and nutrition, or the other stuff I’m into. It’s just too hard to change people’s minds. This is a lesson I keep learning. It’s better to hang with people who are already into this stuff.