[audio] #81 My Life Changed

December 22, 2015

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Down to my last $300-$500 in the bank.
With two more months left on the lease.
And everything changed, for the better.

I got a new job offer, at the old place I worked at. Everyone (family, friends, ex-coworkers, strangers) is more receptive to my ideas. My aura and energies are vibrating at all time highs. Even my astrological transit charts aligned harmoniously. Interesting turn of events. And lessons learned.

I’m not sure if it was nature or nurture that turned things around. Was it all the Vimala handwriting, feng shui, energy work, clutter clearing, and law of attraction stuff. Or would it have turned out this way anyways? I don’t know.

I also talk about listening to Dan Harmon interviews, which is helping me be more authentic. Out life purpose is tied into all of this. To use our gifts for good, overcome our difficulties and share it with others, to be authentic and real and do the best we can.

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