Spirit Animals showing up in our life

December 17, 2015

I have a friend who’s into shamanism.
She mentioned spirit animals and how they come into our lives to reveal messages. I assumed at that time that these animals were reserved for people practicing shamanism and not applicable to the rest of us. Of course, I was wrong.

A couple weeks ago, I got a reading done by an intuitive psychic. She asked me if I have any special connections with whales, because whales are showing up in my energy. I said, not that I can think of. And then proceeded to forget about this altogether.

I can’t remember if the next part of the story happened before or after this incident. But one of my friends texted me after waking up from a dream. He kept talking about the story of Jonah and the Whale.

A few days later, a whale memory resurfaced. I had seen a movie a few weeks ago and one of the trailers was for the whale movie, In the Heart of the Sea. It was memorable because my friend and I made some jokes about it.

Ok, so far, nothing that spectacular. Some series of coincidences.

Then, I was watching Jimmy Fallon and he mentioned whales. I was listening to a podcast and they mentioned whales.

So I started researching whales. Luckily, I had the Ted Andrews book, Animal Speak. It’s all about spirit animals, but I had never opened it before.

According to folklore, whales represent creativity. The ocean represents our unconscious life. Whales need to come up to the surface to get air and they blow air thru their hole. Whales also sing songs.

It’s a sign to use our creativity, instead of holding it in.

Whales also represent containment, imprisonment, etc. Well, I’ve been holed up in my apartment, living a monk-like life of reading books and learning. The whale might be telling me that it’s time to come out to the surface for some air.


Ok, so then I walked into my bathroom to pee. In the walk-in closet is my far infrared sauna, which I’ve owned for over a year. As I was walking out, my eyes fell on the wooden stool I sit on while using the sauna.

What do you think was on it that I had never paid attention to before? Yep, a cartoon picture of a happy whale!!

Poop straight up fell outta my butt like loose change. Message received spirit world, message received.

What animals keep reappearing in your life?
There might be some message the spirit is trying to tell you. You can look up the symbolism of any animal online. ie: “Whale totem meaning” or “crow totem meaning” or something like “deer totem ted andrews”

Whale symbolism
Animal Speak – Ted Andrews