My Gut Health is all F’D up

December 16, 2015

Something new I’m trying.

Super high doses of probiotics
– 150 billion cfu, 40 strains via Renew Life Ultimate Flora
– 15 billion cfu, 15 strains via Pro-15
– 29 strains, soil based Prescript Assist (package on it’s way)

Drinking 2T apple cider vinegar diluted in water
– changes ph level gut
– removes toxins
– other gut benefits

Herbal antifungals by Now Foods
– kills bad gut fungus etc

Increase good fiber and resistance starch
– beans, legumes, potato starch, etc

Because my gut health is terrible.

It took me a long time to realize this.
I originally started taking probiotics in 2012, after reading some diet book. It was Enzymatic Pearls, only 1 billion CFU, 2 strains. Not much results.

Last year, I had terrible stomach pain and mood on a road trip to Houston. Took some Nexium and that brought me back to life. But the doctor said taking Nexium too much can make matters worse.

Beginning of this year, I tried Kefir and Kombucha. To fix gut health. Terrible lethargy and mood. Herx healing reactions, it seemed.

Tried antifungals, but that also messed things up.

A few weeks later, found out via a naturopathic dentist that I have Candida oral thrush on tongue, meaning I have that in gut also. My primary doc recommended trying over the counter hydrogen peroxide mouthwash. No results. Then I tried prescription Nystatin. No results. Mouth probiotics. Nothing.

Mid July, I took a gut stool test via Ubiome. The results came back but I had no idea how to understand the data.

Late 2015, I tried the potato diet. Because it’s high on resistant starch, which is supposed to feed the good gut bacteria. I couldn’t last past 9 days.

Fast forward to end of 2015.
Nonstop diarrhea, bloating, gas, acid reflux, lethargy, junk food cravings, super weight gain.

I reread some old blog posts by others.
And decided to go hardbody on my gut health. I already feel better three days in. My poops are no longer diarrhea. I rechecked my Ubiome data last night and holy shit. I realized my ratios are way off.

I have super high Firmicutes (obesity bacteria)
and super low Bacteroidetes (lean bacteria).

I know all this sounds confusing if you’re not into this stuff. I’m new myself but wanted to quickly say this and will update you on the results later.

I’m launching a full massive assault on the gut for the rest of the year. We shall see how it all turns out in 2016.

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