The Marketing Loop used by Psychics & Intuitives

December 13, 2015

I’ve gotten many readings over the years.
Tried various types of tarot readers, palm readers, psychics, intuitives, and channelers over the past 15 years. Been to low-end readers doing it out of a spare room in their house to high-end famous ones.

Some top names you may recognize are Colette Baron Reid, Theo, Mel Doerr, Louise Hauck, Mari Cooper, Natalie Tomlinson, Cynthia Segal. Almost did sessions with Cyndi Dale, Sonia Choquette, and Bashar. Been to an Abraham-Hicks seminar. And would love to meet Doreen Virtue.

All were super nice and helpful.
The great thing about getting a reading with these folks is that your vibration will raise as you talk to them. I’ve always felt calm and happy right before, during, and after each session. It’s like a reset button from all the worries in our mind.

On the other hand, no reader has ever been able to give me specific life directions. Perhaps because that’s impossible. It’s always been general feel good sessions.

But forget niceness, there is a pattern to the readings I noticed.
And want to share it with you.

The marketing loop goes like this:
1. Free general readings: cost $0
via blogs, podcasts, youtube videos, tv shows, newspapers, other mediums
this is how they attract an audience and some of those will try a private session.

2. Paid private readings: cost $140-400 for half hour
in person, skype, phone
general feel good type info. some things specific to my personality.

nearly every person has told me during a private reading that I am special and they want to invite me to an exclusive private mentorship. either they say this to everyone or only to select folks, im not sure yet.

3. Exclusive mentorship: cost $1500-$3000
I’ve done two of these so far. Paid far too much money. Usually you have to buy a block of sessions and pay upfront. No refunds.

Generally, private mentorships are once a week phone calls over a period of 10-20 weeks. They are nothing special, imo. Just some talking and intuitive exercises. I’ve always quit before the sessions were over. Never got my money back.

I’m not saying these sessions are a scam or that they won’t help you. It’s just that my learning style is individualistic. I’m not built for organized, step by step, type learning. I do best on my own.

Always been disappointed that I spent the money on this.
The reason I’m telling you this is because as you are feeling good during your private reading, I’m sure they will offer you a private mentorship. Don’t let your good feeling thoughts cloud your judgement. Usually you are better off buying a bunch of used books from amazon for $4 and learning on your own. Or watching youtube videos, listening to audio podcasts.

PS: I take all of this back in case I jump into this field and start offering private mentorships. In that case, it will definitely be worth the high prices and you should pay me ALL your money blindly, happily, and enthusiastically!!