The great thing about astrology

December 13, 2015

Is that most people don’t believe in it!!
Yet, no one will refuse to have a chart done.
Everyone will casually give you their date/location/time of birth.

People are more careful about their email address or cell phone number. Yet, a birth chart reveals everything about them down to the core. Their personality, strengths, challenges, relationships, career, karmic lessons, likely future aspects.

The information gleamed from one birth chart can fill up an entire book.

There is nothing malicious that can be done though.
So don’t worry.

It’s more of a super-deep psychological/spiritual tool.
Like Myers-Briggs x 1,000,000,000.

(Myers-Briggs is based on Carl Jung’s work, which is drawn from astrology, most people don’t realize.)

People who study astrology are most likely spiritually advanced folks. They know that doing malicious things to other humans is equal to hurting themself. We are all same spirit hiding in different bodies.

Anyways, I just am amazed at how true astrology is and how many people don’t believe in it!

One of the greatest competitive advantages of all time.