PSA: The real reason we should meditate

December 6, 2015

Forget calming the amygdala, reducing stress, increasing happiness, creating new neural pathways, and all the other scientific reasons. It’s all true and well but something scared me straight this morning and I’ll share that with you.

I told you that I got super deep into astrology lately. Obsession levels deep. As I looked at everyone’s charts, I noticed something interesting.

We all have positive and negative aspects.
The cards we’re dealt at birth.

All of us are walking on the edge of light vs dark. Some days we slip into darkness: anger, frustration, jealousy, gossip, revenge. Other days, if we’re lucky, we surf the light side: generosity, kindness, peace, love, light.

Every chart I do scares me even more.
Especially because of how true the results are and how unconscious those folks are to its effects.

My mother is one of the hardest workers of all time.
She worked 18hr days as a nurse for DECADES, no days off, no sick days. The benefit is money. The detriment being stress and poor health. And no family time. She recently mentioned that she has no idea why she worked so hard. She was possessed by her urges. Looking back, she would’ve done a lot of that differently. I looked at her chart and her Sun is conjunct Mars! That explains a lot about her relentless work ethic and burn out. If she was conscious of this at an early age, she could’ve tried to manage this hard aspect.

My father has difficult times with mood, personality, and consistency. And nearly no compatibility with my mother. I looked at his chart this morning and his Sun has tons of difficult aspects. He had one of the quickest tempers of all time, though he’s calmed down in his older age. I’ve had many dust-ups with him over the years, at times I even threatened to stab him because he was antagonizing me so much and talking too much shit. His chart is fiery, as you would’ve guessed. If he was aware of this earlier, he could’ve worked to overcome these issues. It’s pretty much too late for him now.

A friend of mine has super difficult Venus aspects and it shows up in his love life over and over.

I have difficult aspects as well but it’s hard for me to be objective when reading my own chart. I’m sure an outsider could see much more clearly. But I do have some difficult aspects with sun (ego), mercury (communication), venus (love & harmony), and mars (physical energy). I have tons of inner turmoil between intellect and emotion (cancer sun opposition aquarius moon). I’m way too impulsive and don’t gather enough information before making a decision (mercury conjunct mars). Neptune in my 7th and 8th houses mean I idealize partners and business partnerships. I don’t see clearly thru the illusion in these spots and get fooled easily. Looking back in my life, I’ve made tons of mistakes in these two areas! My creativity and health houses have Plutonian & Saturn energy. Making things difficult and long time to overcome. On and on.

To be honest, I don’t even blame people for their rude behavior anymore. It all has to do with their planetary aspects and how unconscious they are to it.

If an unconscious person has too many fire aspects, she surely will have a lot of angry outburts, and even end up in jail for multiple assault charges (true story).

So, what’s the bottom line?
We’re fucked unless we meditate.

Meditation is way to connect back to central command. Quieting the mind and connecting with the spirit world. The inner being. The divine connection.

Our inner being is able to navigate around all difficult planetary aspects we’ve chosen for ourselves. We need our intuition and divine connection to play this elite mode video game called life.

Otherwise, we’re going to live like puppets on a string. Unconscious. Making the same mistakes over and over til it’s too late.

I don’t know if you feel the same urgency, but I got fuckin scared straight this morning. And I got back onto my meditation routine as soon as I awoke.

I’m nearly 35 and there’s no way I can handle living another 35yrs unconsciously.