Burning Sage Will Make You Feel Better

November 29, 2015

Ok maing, I’ll make this real quick.
I lit a bundle of sage yesterday and wafted the smoke onto my body. Nothing serious, just a real quick thing. I did it in my bathroom with the doors closed and vents on, just in case my apartment fire alarm may have gone off if I did it in the living room. And I felt lighter, happier, and better. Like my aura was cleansed of negative residue.

I repeated it today.
This time I wafted the smoke on my body, then in all of the rooms. And it did not set off any fire alarms. Hooray. But it definitely smelled like pot or something like that.

How I got here.
For some reason, I had two bundles of sage in my apartment. I’m not sure why I bought it a few years ago but never ended up using it.

I originally heard about sage smudging from Phil Jackson’s book Sacred Hoops. He would do this native american technique in the locker room after bad losses or fights. It’s meant to clear away negative energy.

As I’ve gotten into spiritual stuff, I’ve heard about this much more from others. Feng Shui folks talk about this as a space clearing technique.

Last night, I was watching an Erykah Badu interview on the Breakfast Club. Apparently she lit sage in the interview room first to clear away negative energy. I had never heard much about her before the interview, she is a total spiritual master type woman.

That’s what finally inspired me to try this sage thing.
And dude, it totally works.

The Ancient Art of Smudging