Easy Tai Chi & Louhan Patting

November 23, 2015

I’ve been looking for a more gentle form of exercise that also energizes the whole body’s qi. I think Tai Chi is the answer.

During research, it seemed too complicated to learn. Until I saw this 8 minute video.

1. Daily 8 minute Tai Chi – Don Fiore (youtube)
The moves:
a. calming waters of the heart
b. pushing the water
c. over the drum
d. ball in the mountain
e. ball in the valley
f. circle the globe
g. push from the shoulders
h. push and pull
i. hands waving clouds
j. lotus flower closing

2. Louhan Patting – Don Fiore

This is a great activity to add to our daily routine. That and the lohan tapping technique, which is similar to Donna Eden’s energy medicine protocol and EFT. Tapping meridian points in the body to get the energy to flow better.

It’s easy, no equipment necessary, and can be done anywhere.