Astrology is real & how to transcend it

November 21, 2015

The past week, I’ve spend all my waking time learning astrology.
Been doing natal charts for myself, family and friends. The results are fascinating.

The series of events that led me to this point in my life is long. To quickly summarize: growing up, I never cared one way or another about astrology. I leaned towards nonbeliever. In India, it’s a hindu tradition to get your child’s birth chart done by an astrologer. So my family always had mine handy. I have checked monthly horoscopes for many years just for fun until I got into deep spiritual new age stuff.

I think if you are wise enough spiritually, you can find quite a lot about your life from your astrological birth chart. Your past karma. Your current life purpose. Strengths. Weaknesses. A lot of the things I notice from my own chart match up with things I’ve learned over the years through experience, therapy, and other self development tools.

I’m highly dominant in the Air element.
Meaning, I’m overly intellectual. I’m always in my head (this is true for everyone of course). I can consume large quantities of books and information without fatigue. And I like talking about ideas with people.

The downside is too much thinking is detrimental to a happy balanced life. And I can get lost in my head and detached from grounded reality.

I’m weak in the Fire element.
Physical energy. Action is difficult at times. Getting motivated to move around & exercise is super hard. I also get seasonal affective disorder, which I think is a severe lack of Fire in the winter. The remedies I’ve used are full spectrum light bulbs, 10,000lux brightboxes (three at a time), and far infrared sauna. All are fire elements!

Before astrology, I was looking at Traditional Chinese Medicine and noticed the fire element is weak for me. My body is too Yin and not enough Yang. I have spleen weakness/dampness. The cures are to eat foods that stimulate digestive fires (pungeant foods, garlic, ginger, spicy).

When I was using Feng Shui for my apartment, I noticed I have nearly zero fire elements. So all of this is matching up now with my astrological chart.

I have zero Earth element.
Many healing professionals over the years have told me to try things to get more grounded. People have told me to stop thinking so much. It’s hard for me to be in my body. I get lost in my head. I’ve been using an earthing mat and salt bricks to ground myself. Epsom salt grounding/detoxing baths. Sitting in nature barefoot. Others have checked my body and the root chakra tests weak.

Money, women, health
I’ve been obsessed with money, finances, and freedom from a young age. I spent all my childhood and young adult life reading every single finance book I could get my hands on. Started investing in the stock market in highschool and kept up with it through the years. I wanted money because in my mind money meant freedom. Now that I look at my chart, my second house of finance is full of activity!

A lot of other things in my chart psychologically has been true. How my mood fluctuates (sun and moon are opposed to each other, one in air sign and the other in water, causing inner turmoil).

How I deal with women. Saturn, the planet of difficult lessons, in Libra. Neptune, the planet of illusion and confusion, in my 7th house of relationships. Other aspects indicate my high sensitivity.

Pluto, the planet of difficulty, slow growth, and constantly having to start over, is my 6th house of health. Which may be a reason why I’ve been having such difficulties with losing and maintaining weight all my life.

My true node in leo, indicating my past karma and current life purpose. This is spot on to what I’ve been living so far.

So that naturally led me to question life.
Am I a slave to my chart or is there free will?

How To Transcend Astrology
There is a way to get above and beyond your astrological charts. Or any other limiting circumstance. And the way to do that is to change from karma to dharma.

I originally heard of this idea thru Cyndi Dale. She talks about using dharma to attract a true-self mate who is spiritually evolved. Otherwise, the mates we attract will be karmically and that leads to a lot of drama and heartache.

Then I read Tosha Silver, who is an astrologer, talk about overcoming your fated deficiencies by turning over your life to Divine Order. This is another way of saying, lead your life dharmically. Connect with your inner divine being and let that part of you take the wheel. Tell your ego and the little self to sit in the backseat. This is another way of saying, surrender to divine will. Allow goodness. Nonresistance.

This morning, I read an article by Paramahansa Yogananda, who also says the same thing. He was a nonbeliever in astrology until one of his gurus showed him the powerful messages contained within. But there are ways to overcome any chart, he says. And that is to connect with the Divine and follow Divine Guidance.

The conclusion is this.
Astrology is like getting a full physical. Or getting your genes tested. It’s good to know where you’re starting from. The natal chart helps you understand yourself so that you can go with the flow better. But in the end, you are the master of your destiny.

I’ll be looking to compensate for my lack of fire and earth elements. Meditate and use mindfulness more to curb mental overdominance. And to connect with Divine Order more frequently so that I’m guided on the right path regardless of what the planets (or other humans) are doing.

Astrology, Karma & Transformation – Stephen Arroyo
great book on psychological & spiritual aspects of your chart

How to transcend astrological influences – Paramahansa Yogananada