The Moon’s effect on our mood and emotions

November 9, 2015

I never thought I would write an article about the moon.
I had never even paid attention to that rock for 34 years of my life. But lately, the moon topic has been popping up more and more and I’m intrigued.

It started in July 2015.
I experienced some crazy hardcore emotions all month. And it peaked at the end of the month. I assumed it was because all of my self care techniques were working on overload (supplements, diet, meditation, energy work, etc). Then, at the peak moment of emotions, I got a text from a friend saying that day was a blue moon. And to look outside.

I had no idea what a blue moon was. So as I walked outside, I brought my phone to research it. And I saw a big ass full moon.

A blue moon is the name for the second full moon in the same month. This happens every 2.72 years because our months are 30 to 31 days long while the moon orbits earth in 27 days.

Today I spent researching all about the moon.
Because I woke up kinda feeling crappy. Low energy, lethargic, low mood. I have no idea why. But this pattern has happened for a long time. I’ll have a streak of great days built up until one day, it all goes away. Then a bunch of days later, the streak of great days build up again.

I’ve exhausted every blood test, psychological evaluation, neurochemical supplement routine, and diet possible trying to explain this.

So, I took a look at the lunar calendar. According to astrology, the moon represents our emotions.

I’ve read that new moons tend to cause low energy and sluggishness.
On Wednesday, it’s supposed to be a New Moon. That’s when the moon is between the earth and sun. So there is no light reflecting off the side facing us. The effects of the new moon affect us about two days before. That’s today.

New moon signals a new start. It’s like a reset button. And then the energy builds up til the full moon, which is considered fruiting of our projects.

Our energies are at the highest during the full moon.
Some believe a full moon increases patient visits to hospitals and psych wards. Others say there is no proof in this. I think we all know that the full moon brings out the freaks at night!

Then it cycles back down to the dark new moon again. Every month! Maybe this explains the highs and lows we sensitive folks experience.

This has something to do with the moon’s gravitational pull on earth. It’s like a giant magnet that affects our ocean tides, women’s menstrual cycles, farming, animals, and possibly other things.

My hypothesis is that from the New Moon to the Full Moon, our energies increase. And from the Full to the New, our energies decrease.

There is something real about the moon’s effect on our mood and emotions. Especially if you are highly sensitive to energy. Wanted to share the info with you so that you compare your own moods to see if they match up with the lunar cycle.

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