Why The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is Super Good

November 6, 2015

If you want a happy chemical rush, watch Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.
You’ll get bursts of dopamine (fast paced skits, surprises, dancing), oxytocin (Pup Quiz with puppies) and endorphins (laughter, music). Maybe serotonin also gets pumped out. It’s the most feel good late show I’ve seen.

I wanted to know why he’s doing so well and kicking everyone’s butt. Ratings are tops. His show is refreshing and new. Yet it feels somewhat familiar.

He does innovative games with his guests (Pup Quiz, Egg Russian Roulette, Password, Whisper Challenge, Slapjack, Pictionary, Faceballs, Flip Cup).

Where the heck does he get all of these ideas? It took me a while to figure out his secret.

The Tonight Show is simply a combination of Saturday Night Live + late night talk show. With a host who is supremely talented (sing, dance, impressions, improv, light-hearted, extrovert).

He probably brought over a good team from SNL who are capable of fast costume & set changes. And can think quick on their feet for new skits. His show is executive produced by Lorne Michaels (SNL creator, producer) and announcer is Steve Higgins (SNL producer, writer).

So each night is like a mini SNL with different celebrities!

NPR Jimmy Fallon Interview