The Potato Diet Update (-7.5lbs in 5 Days)

November 3, 2015

I think I found the holy grail.
Cracked the weight loss code for my body.
And the cost is only $1.57/day!

I think my body thrives on high carbs and super low fat. All these years, I had been doing low carb, high protein/medium fat.

So I’ve been on the potato diet for 5 days (four days on, 1 day off).

I’m eating about 3-5 potatoes per meal, two meals a day. No breakfast (just tea and water). If super hungry in the am, some potatoes.

First day
I ate very strict.
Only cooked & cooled potatoes, no skin. No salt, spices, nothing.
(Remember that cooking and cooling potatoes raises the resistant starch content, a good thing.)

Cold boiled potatoes aren’t very palatable! But I was full all day. Not hungry at all. Felt great. Slept well. Mood was high. My brain swimming in carbs.

Second day
I added variations.
Salt, pepper, chili, sriracha, and nutritional yeast.
This was better. Warmed up the potatoes in the microwave.

Mood is high. Energy is high.

Third day
Researched a ton about high carb, low fat diets. The potato diet is basically an efficient form of this.

So a new idea.
Went to walgreens, bought sweet relish, sweet baby rays bbq sauce, and ketchup. All have sugar and carbs yes, but zero fat.

Went hardcore with saucing up my potatoes.
Oh man, so delicious.

Feeling better and better.

Fourth day
Weight didn’t go down. But I feel absolutely tremendous.

I suspect weight is stalling because the bbq sauce has sodium. And too much sodium = body holds onto water.

New variation.
Made some red lentils. These have zero fat too.

New meal was potatoes with tons of lentils. Sea salt, pepp, chili, sriracha, ketchup. Some bbq sauce.

Fifth day
Weight did not go down.
That’s ok. I think it’s because of the salt.

So I thought about eating potatoes straight for 4 or 5 days. Plan was to then eat normal healthy for 2 days.

I decided to make today a super low carb, high protein, high fat day. Doing the exact opposite of potato days.

This is a basic carb cycling technique.

So I ate two organic ribeye steaks (total weight less than 1lb). Green beans and broccoli with grass fed butter. Two whole nutrition organic protein shakes (has 30g carbs each). 4 eggs stir fried with mixed greens. Ate that with coconut oil and grassfed butter.

Felt good. Though I miss the mood highs of potato days. And was hungrier today than when eating potatoes.

My net carbs were around ~60-65grams. This is good. My goal was to keep it way below 100grams today.

Peed A LOT!
This is a good sign. Body is releasing all that stored up water.

Sixth day
That’s today.

Weight is down a lot.
Today is back to potatoes and lentils. For another four days.

Day 1: 273.9 lbs
Day 6: 266.4
Lost -7.5lbs in 5 days.


It seems that cooking, then cooling, and then reheating potatoes is actually a good thing. Raises resistance starch even more! Cool, I no longer have to eat cold ones.

Cooking, Cooling, and Reheating Starches For Even More Digestive Resistance